X Mini V1.1 Portable Speaker Review (VIDEO)


The X Mini is a beautiful portable speaker that packs a punch – imagine a speaker with “Little Man Syndrome” and you’ve got the X Mini. The original version of the X Mini was impressive in terms of its size but it lacked volume (one of if not the most important element of a speaker). Has it improved with version 1.1? I took it out for a test drive and created the following video review to showcase its features.

You can grab them on Amazon here for £8.44 or you can get two for £16.33 (which is what I would recommend, it really does “tump the tunes” with more than one speaker). What do you think of the X Mini? Is Bluetooth connectivity a deal breaker when looking for a portable speaker? Let us know via Facebook or Twitter and make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel to get notified of the latest video reviews that we do as soon as we do them!


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