“WHICH TAB IS PLAYING MUSIC” is a phrase you’ll never say now thanks to YouTube


YouTube has added a new feature to its website which for tab hoarders is a God send. It’s always annoying when you have 5 YouTube tabs open (it can’t just be me that doesn’t like opening new videos in the same window, can it?) then music/audio starts to play – you have to search for the right tab then pause the video. That process got a bit easier today with YouTube adding a little symbol to whatever page is playing audio.


We’ve seen similar innovation from Google in the past when it comes to its products, but what is surprising about this update is that it’ll work on all browsers – Safari, Firefox, even Internet Explorer as well as Googles own Google Chrome browser. Currently it’s only for YouTube but we hope that this feature gets rolled out as a general audio signal for all websites & browsers. C’mon Google, you guys can do it!


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