What to Expect in a Post iPhone World


Every year there is such a buzz about what features will be on the next generation iPhone. With rumours about the iPhone 5 starting months before its announcement, no doubt it’ll continue with the next generation next year. But what about in the long run? Have Apple started to work on their post iPhone product to revolutionise technology, much like the introduction of their iPhone to a bland phone market, or the iPad to a dying tablet market?

There are a lot of companies currently working on wearable technology – most famous of all the Google Glass project which will be available to the public in 2014. Apple isn’t one to usually follow trends, they’re usually the trend setters but in a patent that’s been filed, it seems that Google and Apple are on the same wavelength in terms of wearable technology.

Apple’s Glasses Patent

With the introduction of the Personal Assistant Siri, it seems like Apple is already preparing itself for a hands free experience. Much in the way that computing went from desktop PC’s, to laptops and to tablets in the recent years, it seems that the mobile is headed in the same way. Google has made massive progress in Project Glass, and released this video with the expectation that this is what their product will be able to do by the time of its release:

What do you think about wearable technology? Practical or just a novelty? Let me know!


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