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Gaming headsets come in a variety of shapes and sizes for all types of gamer. They all try to offer something unique to improve the gaming experience and the Venom XT’s aren’t any different. What’s so unique about these headphones then? Well, as well as being able to use them on almost any system, they have a built-in vibration feature to immerse you in the gameplay.

I wasn’t too sure about the vibration feature when I first heard about it but I have to say it really adds depth to the gaming experience. Explosions and punches feel more real and it adds a sense of urgency to a fast paced game, much like the use of the vibration on the DualShock 4 Controller. It’s not enough to rattle your brain either though – if it does get a bit too much, you can control the intensity via the control unit! You have to have quite a bassy game to experience it properly though, I tried it on InFamous Second Son too and the vibration wasn’t very noticeable.

The first thing I noticed about the headset though? How soft it feels on the inside. Comfort is a big factor when it comes to gaming headsets – a lot start to rub and get uncomfortable after a while of gameplay. It’s not ideal really! It has a soft cushion layer across the headset which doesn’t feel as cheap as others that I’ve used. You can tell that they’ve invested a lot of time in making this just right.

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They look nice too, don’t get me wrong. When you plug the headphones, the Venom logo on each side of the headphones glows a nice shade of red which looks pretty cool. They also fold up too, which makes them easier to put away when not in use. Very gamer-esque!

Let’s talk connectivity. As I mentioned before, it supports:

  • Xbox 360
  • Xbox One
  • Playstation 3
  • Playstation 4
  • Wii
  • Wii U
  • PC
  • Mac

With all these connectivity connections available, it has to have connections for each one. It’s comes with a 3.85m long cable that reaches from your headphones to your console so you can sit comfortably and play no matter how far away you are from the TV (within reason, obviously!). Of course, the connections can vary between system so it does mean that there are a few adapters for various console use. For use with the PS4, you have to use the headphone output of your TV. This sadly means you have to unplug it every time you want to use something other than the PS4/want to hear it out loud. It’s a small niggle to have and it’s more Sony’s fault for not including any AV output on the PS4 which could be used for audio output (which is how it works on PS3).

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The audio quality is pretty amazing, given its £40 price tag. It’s crisp and you can hear enemies footsteps sneaking up on you. I tested it out on Battlefield 4 and I was blown away by the quality, I felt like I was actually hearing a sniper fire next to me. Thats all thanks to the 40mm Speaker Drivers and 30mm Vibration Speaker Drivers which combined definitely gives you a brilliant gaming experience. You can also control chat and game volumes independently using the built-in Inline Volume Control Unit. Chat audio is loud and clear, a problem I had with Sony’s official PlayStation 3 headset.

The microphone can be attached and unattached – I thought this was a peculiar feature to have at first but Venom have planned ahead. You can plug in any microphone into the port and it’ll work with the headphones. Especially those who record Commentary over their gameplay and want something a bit more HD. The microphone itself however,feels a bit flimsy and doesn’t stay in the shape that you bend it in. It swings away with the slightest knock too, which is at times both a pro and a con. Having said that though, the microphone quality isn’t too bad for chatting. I even used it to record my voiceover for my review of Titanfall so check it out if you want to see the quality!

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I think Venom have done well with the XT+. The overall quality of the headset from the sound to the material used, it all adds up to something that isn’t only £38.56 to buy – and that’s without mentioning the vibration feature. Having a 3.85m wired headset will mean wires getting tangled every now and again but that’s the risk us gamers have to take! Sold on them? Well you can grab them over at right now! Do you have this headset or something similar? Let me know what you think about it in the comments!


Amazing Experience

The Venom XT+'s are ideal for anyone looking for a cheap, great quality headset. The sound quality is amazing and the vibration feature really adds a new level of immersion to the gaming experience!

  • Build Quality
  • Sound Quality
  • Vibration
  • Connections
  • Price
  • Style

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