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A few nights ago, I was scouring the App Stores Top 25 list and came across Vector – an arcade game that incorporates various Parkour (free running) moves. I hadn’t really heard about Vector before but after playing the first 2 levels I wondered why – its amazing.

Vector Graphics

The story behind the game is quite ambiguous. My personal take on it is that everyone is being controlled by some kind of headset, giving away control of all emotion. One person has had enough and takes his headset off, regaining control of himself and is being chased by “Big Brother”. The introduction graphics are nothing short of amazing for an iPhone game set up by an independent company, and the music flows throughout the game – no stopping and resetting the song after every run. Something that annoys me when I play platform games where I die a hell of a lot.

Run Forrest, Run! Vector's running movements are so fluent.

Run Forrest, Run! Vector’s running movements are so fluent.

The movement of the runner in the game mirrors actual free runners perfectly – it could be an actual silhouetted person running along in the game and I’d be none the wiser. Running, vaulting, sliding and climbing away from “Big Brother” has never been so much fun (and addictive, I haven’t put it down in almost 2 days). The backdrops change with each set of levels which is always refreshing and it breaks up the story.

Each level comes with bonuses, tricks and money. Bonuses are small squares that are in many nooks and crannies throughout every level, challenging your free running ability whilst still being chased. Tricks are custom moves that need to be activated at the right moment – do all 3 in a run and collect all bonus squares to gain a 3 Star score and a bonus of coins. Coins are crucial to moving onto the next level, as most custom tricks have to be bought and they get more and more expensive each time. It’s not a game that you’ll complete in a day or two, its something that’ll keep you entertained for hours.

Vectors moves cost!

There are 3 different locations each with 10 missions in each, getting progressively harder as they go on. I expect that the developers will be releasing new locations with future updates, much the way that games like Angry Birds do.

Video of Vectors gameplay
Vector is available for both the iPhone and iPad, but as two different games. I played Vector for iPhone, but I can imagining the Vector HD iPad version to be extremely pleasing visually. You can grab Vector for iPhone here for £0.69 and Vector HD for iPad for the same price of £0.69 here. It’s a definite recommendation from me and is the most enjoyable game for the iPhone that I’ve had for a long, long time.
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