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Straight out of East London, UK’s raw, underground answer to the US Heavyweights like MMG, BNB are here to stay. Front man Jimmy Papez released his debut Mixtape ‘Crème de la Crème’ on 28th May and it’s been killing the streets since.

Whether you’re getting pumped in the gym to ‘London City’, ‘Boasy’, ‘We stay fly’ or vibing out to ‘The Zone’ or ‘Back in the Day’; just a few of my favourites on this 16-track street sweeper, this is definitely one for the millions as the 22 year-old rapper exercises his lyrical versatility alongside giving the people the honest realities of London.

With the effortless swag you should be ready for as soon as you hear the signature whistle over a fire beat it’s no surprise Jimmy Papez and his BNB team are rapidly growing across the City.

Catch an exclusive interview with him on DEJAVU FM

Being one of the hardest, most promising acts to come up from East London, against all odds Jimmy Papez and his team are definitely warming up and we will be all eyes and ears as we await what’s in store from and for BNB in the future!


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