UE Mini Boom Review: This little guy packs a punch!


Ultimate Ears are a producer of speakers and headphones that revolutionised the music industry in the 90’s. As technology advances, so does the company – UE produce a multitude of speakers and headphones that now cater to the general public as well as seasoned musicians. One such device is the UE Mini Boom, the UE Boom’s little brother! At just over £100 cheaper than its big brother, the Mini Boom caters to the musical wants and needs of any audience without having to sacrifice on the level of quality that the company strives for.

The UE Mini Boom was designed to easily fit anywhere, ready for any situation. Meeting up with mates at the park? It’ll fit in your backpack (or pocket depending on what you’re wearing!). Handbags aren’t an issue for this little guy either, measuring in at only 2.6″ long and 4.4″ thick! The large +/- buttons make adjusting the volume a quick and easy process while the multifunction button makes it easy to pause music AND answer calls using its inbuilt microphone. It’s available in five rather vibrant colour options too (orange, purple, red, yellow and black) so there’s one for everybody!

Ultimate Ears pride themselves on being able to squeeze as much sound into a device as they can. This is true of the Mini Boom – despite its small size, it does a good job at filling a room with sound. One feature that’s present in the Mini Boom is the ability to pair  2 Mini Booms (which doesn’t work with 1 UE Boom and 1 Mini Boom sadly) together for double the sound or enable a stereo speaker mode which splits the sound into two channels and submerges you in music when they’re beside you.


Lets get down to what matters most with speakers – the quality. It’s great being loud but without the crystal clear highs and balanced bass, the product is ruined. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve reviewed the UE Boom and I have to say that it does sound better than the Mini Boom! This comes down to other factors though (the 360 degree sound feature and the £100 price difference to name two) so I tested it against a similar priced speaker, the TYLT Tunz and the Mini Boom came out on top. The speakers deliver great quality audio with just the right amount of bass and is ideal for social/outdoor situations!  You can also tweak the EQ of the Mini Boom using its dedicated app (available on iOS and Android) to make it sound its best in different environments.

The Mini Boom features a rechargable lithium-ion battery with up to 10 hours of continuous music on a single charge, perfect for those trips to the beach! If the battery does die while you’re out then it wont be hard to find a charger because the Mini Boom uses a micro USB cable for charging – conveniently the same as most smartphones. It connects via Bluetooth, it’s NFC ready and can be used from up to 50 ft away. It also lets two users connect at the same time to create a truly social music experience – no more down time between songs to change phone connections, just pause on one device and play on the other!


Packs a Punch!

If you're in the market for a new Bluetooth speaker that you can just grab and go, the Mini Boom is the one for you. The robust, small speaker packs a punch and the unique features such as connecting to two devices at the same time mean that this isn't just a speaker, it's a social speaker! You can grab them on the UE Boom site now for only £79.99!

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