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Ultimate Ears (a brand of Logitech for those that didn’t know) revolutionised the way artists perform music on stage in 1995 with its custom fit professional earphones. Fast forward to today, they create earphones and speakers that redefine the way that you can enjoy your music and have recently partnered with the Red Bull F1 Team! With that being said, I introduce to you the UE Boom – a full 360° Bluetooth speaker.

Don’t Judge a book by its cover – or in this case, do.
When it comes to packaging, I’m at best impartial. Not the most gripping point to start with but bear with me! Usually packaging is discarded pretty much straight after opening the product but with the UE Boom, even the packaging looks stunning. The speaker comes in a beautiful hard case with secret compartments for the charger and cable. It may not sound like much but it’s the little things in life you should appreciate, right?

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Perfect for taking out and about!
The UE Boom has been designed to be life proof, as any decent Bluetooth speaker should be. It’s IPX-4 water-resistant which means it can be splashed from any angle without having to worry about damaging it. That coupled with the robust, shock resistant design of the UE Boom means that it’s perfect for those trips to the park or beach!

Multiple colour options are becoming the standard in mobile accessories – think TYLT TUNZ with its interchangeable silicon bands. The UE Boom is no different and a range of colour combinations are available, including Black, Grey and Red & Yellow and Blue.

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What matters most – audio quality
The deal breaker with any speaker. The UE Boom boasts full 360° sound delivering full, balanced audio from its 2 Dual Performance Drivers and pumps in deep bass from its Dual Passive Radiators. What does this mean? It sounds great with both acoustic and bassy songs! I was shocked by how good it sounded because you find most speakers will excel at either acoustic OR bassy songs.

Being armed with 360° sound on the UE Boom means that it’s a lot louder than its competitors. It fills a room with audio instead of having directional speakers, in fact I’ve found myself more and more using the Boom instead of my external speakers on my Mac because the sound delivery is unlike anything else I’ve used.

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What’s better than one UE Boom? Oh yeah, two!
What could possibly make the 360° UE Boom experience any better? Two of them. Yes, if a friend also has a UE Boom then you can connect both via the UE Boom App for double the sound, making them great for last-minute parties (water resistance starts to make sense now, right?). As well as being able to double up on the speakers, you can also set them to be a pair of stereo speakers meaning one will be the Left speaker and the other will the Right. Put these on either side of the room and it goes from being a great speaker to something that’s fully immersive and sounds amazing.

I did experience a problem with the Double Up feature – on a couple of occasions, the second connected speaker would stop playing intermittently when the speakers were about a metre away from each other. Disconnecting and reconnecting the speakers usually works, but it’s something to keep in mind!

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Other, equally brilliant features.
Apart from its main features, there are a lot of little things about the speaker that makes it a brilliant product. Another feature that sets this speaker apart from others in its category is its own dedicated app for iOS and Android. From within the app, you can access the speaker EQ with presets for different environments and types of music. You can access the Double Up settings as I mentioned earlier and also has a great Alarm feature that’ll wake you up to your favourite song without having to leave the speaker on all night! You can also see if there’s an update for the speaker (they update the firmware to bring new features).

Did I mention it also has built-in NFC for easy connection with selected Android devices!

Another small but great feature; two people can connect to the UE Boom at once and play music. It gives everyone a chance to have an input with the music without having to stop the music to switch devices! Also, you can press the + and – buttons at the same time to be told by a surprisingly natural human voice how much battery you have left. The speaker lasts for 15 hours on a single charge and using its own (equally beautiful) charger and cable, it’ll charge from flat to full in 3.4 hours!

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Great design & quality

The UE Boom truely fantastic. The 360° sound and the quality of the audio really set it apart from other Bluetooth speakers in its category and I've found the speaker slowly replacing my 2:1 speaker system on my Mac. It's available in a variety of colours and you can grab it right now from the UE Boom website for £169!

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