TYLT TUNZ is a Bluetooth Speaker with a difference!


Bluetooth speakers are nothing new – they’ve been around for a while now and there’s never really anything new with them to wow us. That was until now – the TYLT TUNZ is a Bluetooth speaker with a difference. It’s definitely not quite like any other speaker that I’ve used/reviewed.

Before I go on to talk about the technology in the speaker, I need to tell you something about TUNZ – it’s as much of a fashion accessory as it is a speaker. How? The speaker comes with 3 different coloured vibration cancelling Silicon bands that attach to the speaker – Red, Blue and Black. That’s about the extent of the colours in my wardrobe so I’m pretty much covered for every situation! You’ll be the envy of the town with a blue jacket and matching Bluetooth speaker.. Well, in my head anyway..


The speaker itself is quite small and only weighs 12.9oz so it’s perfect to carry around in a bag/jacket pocket. Don’t let its small size trick you though, it packs two 3 Watt speakers and a Passive Radiator for Bass – what does that mean? It packs a punch! It goes a lot louder and is clearer than other bluetooth speakers I’ve used that are a similar size, however I did notice that when the speaker is turned up to max volume that there’s a bit of distortion – with saying that, it’s not enough for it to become a problem. When placed on a surface such as a table, you can really feel the bass, giving a much deeper sound. Impressive to say the least.

There are touch controls on the top of the device that can do more than just turn the volume up and down, you just need to learn the right combination of taps and holds. It’s a bit confusing at first and I do find myself accidentally pausing the music when moving the speaker but the Silicon bands are placed quite close to the buttons to try to stop this happening (I assume anyway!). The speaker also has a built-in microphone so you can answer your phone calls via the speaker – perfect for those moments when everyone wants to join in with your phone conversation!


It comes with Bluetooth 3.0 and is compatible with any Bluetooth enabled device. Not a big fan of Bluetooth? S’alright, it has a trick up its sleeve and by trick I mean built-in NFC for compatible devices! Yup, that’s right, just tap your NFC enabled phone on the left side of the speaker, follow the instructions on your phone and you’ll be raving in no time. If all else fails, it also has a 3.5mm jack input in the back – they’ve got all angles covered on this one.

Another problem that people have with Bluetooth speakers is the battery drain on my phone when using it. I try to avoid using my own phone when I go to the beach with a bluetooth speaker because I know the battery will be dead before my ice cream has melted. TUNZ comes with a universal USB charging port with 1amp output for external devices – that means it’ll charge most phones and music players! It’ll charge them until the speaker reaches 50% battery, then it stops helping and becomes a battle to the death – what will run out first, the phone or the speaker? Well with a 20 hour battery life, I know where my money’s going.


I am a big fan of the TUNZ, it’s got pretty much every angle covered in terms of features and at the end of the day, it’s still a good quality speaker! They’re available on the TYLT website for $149 (which I think is a tad expensive for a speaker but others will disagree!) so head over there now and check them out! Do you have the TYLT TUNZ speaker? Do you think the features on it make it better than other speakers in its category? Let us know in the comments below!


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