TYLT’s RUGGD Case for the iPad Air is a Case on Steroids!


Christmas is over and the New Year is finally here! What does that mean? There’s a host of accessories for your new gadgets that you want to buy, right? We’ve got our hands on the TYLT RUGGD case for the iPad Air – the perfect companion for such a fragile, expensive piece of tech. It might be called the iPad Air but it’ll still drop to the ground and shatter!

The case has been triple reinforced in each corner and has been engineered with premium vulcanised copolymer – the stuff that’s used in spacecraft! Any idea what that means? Neither do I, but I do know this case can take a bit of a beating. I hit my iPad Air against my wall (as hard as I was prepared to go without risking the internals of my iPad) and the impact was instantly absorbed by the case – it didn’t even ricochet that far away from the wall. Impressive!


With this being a protective case for those of us with active lifestyles, I was surprised to see that there’s no cover for the front of the iPad. In my opinion, the screen is what needs protecting most – I don’t mind a few scratches or even a dent but if the screen is shattered, so is my heart. Then I realised that the corners at the front are slightly elevated – meaning if you drop your iPad face down, the corners will absorb the shock instead of your screen. Don’t get me wrong, it is a good idea but what if it’s dropped screen first onto a floor with something (an ashtray for an example) on it? The impact might damage the screen. That’s the scenario in my head anyway. The inside of the case is covered in micro energy absorbing cushions too so there won’t be any nasty scratches like you get with some cases when you drop them.


The case also comes with a handy kickstand that is concealed in the back – just pull it out and adjust the angle so it’s perfect for you. I like how you can adjust the angle to get it just right because some kickstands only come with 2 preset angles and there are many situations where one of the two angles just won’t suffice!

I did have 1 or 2 gripes with this case though – I had to keep readjusting it when I first put it on so that it wouldn’t turn my iPad off. That’s the problem with a lot of cases though, so I can’t single this case out for that. The second problem I found was that the case became quite uncomfortable to hold after a period of time – the reinforced corners would dig into the palms of my hand. Of course, these are only small problems and I wouldn’t let that cloud your judgement about the case, but it’s better to say it as opposed to having someone complain about me not saying it a few months down the line. 

Overall I do think that the RUGGD case is something that a lot of people need – I’d rather preemptively buy this case than have to fork out for a new iPad screen! It adds a slightly bulky feel to an otherwise slim device but protection comes at a cost (I swear I’m not in the Mafia!). If you want to find out any more info, head over to the TYLT website – they’re on sale for $49.99 in a choice of two colours. Do you like protective cases or are they too bulky? Let me know in the comments below!


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