Twelve South’s BookBook for iPad Air Review: New and old come together to create something new!


Since 2009, a small team of twelve employees at Twelve South have been creating new ways to protect and personalise exclusively only Apple hardware. Whenever I hear the name Twelve South, only one thing pops into my mind – BookBook. I’ve always been a fan of hand-made leather cases (remember my Bukcase review?) and I managed to get my hands on the BookBook for iPad Air to review. What makes BookBook so great is that they’re all hand-made, making each one “one of a kind”. The hardback leather case is a great example of merging old and new styles together to create something that’s easy on the eye and quite the conversation starter – especially with most people thinking it’s just an old book, but I’ll get to that later. BookBook for iPad Air The BookBook combines style and protection – 2 hardback leather book covers coupled with reinforced corners, a rigid spine and a padded interior means that your iPad is safe from any bumps and scrapes from every day life. The vintage look is one that’s coming back into fashion – thanks hipsters – but Twelve South have taken it that bit further with the BookBook. What’s the best part about the leather they used? It marks easily. Nope, I haven’t banged my head and got confused – marks and scuffs on the case exterior gives it personality and makes it look more distressed and vintage! The BookBook also has its own theft protection – and I’m not talking about biometrics and security protocols. The BookBook is designed to look like a vintage, worn book which means it won’t attract as much attention in coffee shops/in cars as a state of the art iPad Air, making it less likely to be stolen! Twelve South have even had letters from customers about this unexpected feature;

“We have received many letters from customers telling us that their homes or cars were broken into but the thieves left behind their iPads thinking they were just old books. BookBook is a great disguise and a simple way to reduce the risk of getting your iPad, and all of its valuable content, stolen.” – Twelve South

DSC00894 2 On the other hand, there are a couple of things I feel make the BookBook a bit counter-intuitive. As I’ve mentioned time and time again in reviews, I think all iPad cases should have the magnet for auto on/off built-in because it makes the experience that much better. Unfortunately, the BookBook doesn’t have this feature! It’s not really a deal clincher though, more of an inconvenience. With the BookBook tricking people into thinking it’s a vintage book, there is no hole for the iPad camera – obviously. What does this mean? If you want to use your iPad’s camera, you have to unbutton the iPad from the back book cover and fold the case accordingly to get a clear shot. I don’t tend to use my iPad’s camera a lot as I prefer the camera on my iPhone 5S but people who use their iPad for photography might have a bit of a frustrating problem. So, what’s the verdict on the BookBook for iPad Air? I think it’s a beautiful case that genuinely looks like a worn, vintage book (which is always a plus when you live in a not-so-friendly area!). It’s not just a looker though, the case is durable with its reinforced corners and rigid spine so drops won’t be a problem. The camera problem is a bit frustrating but I understand why there isn’t one – it just comes down to personal preference whether it’s a deal breaker. You can pre-order it for £69.99 online now via Amazon in Black or Brown and is released on 30th April!


Beautifully Designed

I'm definitely a fan of the BookBook for iPad Air. The beautiful design with its rigid protection means that it'd be a perfect iPad case - if it wasn't for a few little problems (no camera hole & auto on/off magnet). See past that though and you've got something to use for a long time!

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