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Tweetbot – one of the most famous alternative’s for Twitter on the iPhone have just dropped a bombshell, that will leave all other iPad Twitter app developers quaking in their boots – I present; Tweetbot — A Twitter Client with Personality for iPad.

Tweetbot is undoubtedly one of the most popular Twitter client’s for the iPhone, and it was inevitable that they’d make a native version for iPad users. It’s got all the elegance of the iPhone app, with amazing quality graphics and the ease of use that we all love, but with an extra kick that no other Twitter alternatives for the iPad have generated. Upon opening the App, I was welcomed with a screen that asked me if I wanted to import my Twitter accounts straight from iOS5 (a nice feature to have, saves me time!) and then went through some of the most important features of Tweetbot, and what separate it from the rest of the Twitter apps.

Once the setup is done, you’re taken to your main timeline page. The timeline has all the same features as the iPhone app, so you can tap once on a tweet to reveal actions, twice to open a new window with more options of the tweet, and a three tap option that you can customise (the default is to open a reply window). It also has inline thumbnails of photo’s posted so you can preview them before tapping on them to enlarge them, and it also has one tap opening for links on the timeline – easy to use and simple to navigate. The timeline and all other tabs automatically refresh every 5 minutes (you can change this/turn it off) so you’re always up to date when using the app, and you’re notified with how many new tweets you have in your time by a small banner near the top of the timeline. When you receive a new notification/DM/new tweets in your timeline, a little blue tap to the left of the navigation bar lights up next to the respective area, alerting you to the notification.

The general navigation of this app is seamless, and is easy to swap accounts if you manage more than one Twitter – just tap the Twitter name in the top left hand corner, and it gives you a list of your Twitter accounts you can switch to. Also, if you like using the Lists feature of Twitter, you can simply tap the left hand icon on the Timeline to select which List you want to display on the timeline. Also, one of my personal favourite features of the iPhone version, the sounds you have when you navigate and tap on things, have been used in this version too.

You can view your own Profile page by going onto the Profile tab, or if you want to view anyone else’s profile on your timeline, simply tap on their icon once and it’ll load up their profile on a new page for you. From this, you can enlarge their profile photo, follow/unfollow them, find out if they’re following you or not, as well as the standard profile features such as seeing their Tweets, Mentions, Favourites and Lists. You can also block the user from this window, and also write a new Tweet to them or DM them.

Another feature that I quite like the idea of is the Mute Filters – you can block people, but as well as that, you can also block certain clients and hashtags, such as #TeamFollowBack or #Belieber from appearing in your Timeline. Please note though, it only applies to your timeline and lists, but not your mentions, so if someone is bothering you, block them using the option on the profile page.

Other feature’s that this App has includes Push Notifications for free – no in app payment that some Twitter clients have (if they have any Push Notification feature in the first place, that is!) and is definitely one of the main points that people look for in a Twitter app. Another feature that I love is the Tweetmarker feature in the settings – you can sync where you left off on all Twitter apps that have Tweetmarker built in (both Tweetbot for iPhone and iPad have it). It’s definitely one of the smaller, simpler features, but one that completes the experience for me. Tweetbot for iPad is available in the App Store now for only £1.99 (Link) – I’d definitely recommend it for an amazing Twitter experience on the iPad! Still not too sure? Check out the video demo below!


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