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Total Recoil is a new iOS shoot  ’em up arcade game released on Thursday 15th November. It’s described as taking arcade shooters to the max with a massive arsenal of guns that you can buy or unlock with killstreaks, with weapons ranging from flamethrowers to sentry guns and rocket launchers up for grabs.

When you start the game you’re welcomed with a tutorial on how to use the various types of weaponry available. The controls are quite awkward to use at first, as most virtual joystick games are but once you get through the tutorial and the first 1 or 2 levels, it becomes natural and your thumbs hardly ever slip away from the joystick areas. There are various touchscreen capabilities available such as when you fire a rocket launcher it’ll follow your finger on-screen to the target (handy for when the target is being blocked by something you can’t break by shooting!).

Each level has its own waves of soldiers that you have to destroy before heading for the boss. Different levels mean different kinds of soldiers – some levels may present soldiers with flamethrowers, while others may use more artillery. You can be creative with your kills by using various killstreaks that you can unlock or just by shooting gas tanks when they’re standing near them – you’d think it’d get boring after doing it a few times, but it’s always so satisfying.

The graphics and general UI on the game are quite pleasing too. When you finish each level, you’re given the stats for that level and then you’re taken back to the map view where you can play the new level that you’ve just unlocked and choose from previous levels to play and improve your score.

Overall I think it’s a beautifully designed app and is definitely worth its £1.49 price tag and you can grab it here. It’s available on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad all in one universal app. Not convinced? Check out their site and the YouTube promotional video below!


  • Fun to play
  • Variation of weapons on each level
  • Smart UI and controls


  • Doesn’t sync levels between all devices
  • Controls take a while to get used to
  • Changing weapons can be confusing

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