Thunderspace is the key to a good nights sleep.


I’m one of the millions of people who have to have some kind of “white noise” playing in the background in order to fall asleep easily – silence makes me uneasy! My white noise is usually the sound of water/rain/storms. I’m not too sure why but it relaxes me and I drop off within minutes, so when I discovered Thunderspace you can only imagine how excited I was to try it out.

Thunderspace allows you to truly immerse yourself in a thunderstorm. There are other apps that claim to do something like this but I’ve never experienced something like Thunderspace before. Why’s it so different? The sounds for Thunderspace were recorded the sounds in stereoscopic 3D for stereo headphones.

What does that mean? Well, according to the Thunderspace website:

When you hear a bird in a tree, the sound reaches one ear faster than the other depending on the horizontal direction, while the shape of your ears colorize the frequencies of the sound depending on the vertical direction. Your brain then decodes these cues to give you a direction of the sound in 3D space. The trick: We used special stereo microphones with ears to record the sound the way humans hear: With interaural time and level differences. With headphones on, the sound recorded by the left microphone enters your left ear, and the sound recorded by the right microphone enters your right ear. Your brain decodes the stereoscopic 3D audio cues as if you were there when the recording took place.

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You can really tell that this app was well thought out and it does come across when you use it. When I put the headphones on for the first time and turned them up, I thought I was in the middle of a thunderstorm – it was a surreal experience and one that’s hard to put into words. If that’s not enough, you can turn on your camera flash and put your phone face down for accompanying flashes when you hear the lightning in your ears. Surreal.

Thunderspace Photo 1

It comes with 2 thunderstorms but you can download an additional 6 thunderstorms in the app for only £0.69 each and don’t worry, you can preview the storms before purchasing. The only disappointing thing is that there isn’t a bundle price for all 6 storms like in similar apps. However saying that, this app clearly had a lot of thought and hard work put into it and that definitely needs to be rewarded.

Want to download Thunderstorm? It’s available for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad (no native iPad app though) on the App Store for only £0.69 and you can click here to download it. Want more information? Check out the video below!


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