Songs of the week; Best & Worst (14th August 2013)


There’s been a sudden burst of new summer music from all genres recently, ranging from quite folky sounding Passenger to typical pop tunes from One Direction. Personally, I’ve been really loving this summer’s biggest tunes – even if some of them have been played to pieces *cough* Blurred Lines *cough*.

My favourite song of this week, just because it’ s so catchy and reminds me of my holiday is I Love It by Icona Pop ft. Charli XCX! This is such an upbeat song which keeps everyone dancing and shouting I DON’T CAREEEEE loudly into the night. Icona Pop are Swedish and have actually been around since 2009, but this seems to be their biggest song so far, and I really hope they don’t just become another one-hit-wonder!

Sadly, what goes up must come down, and with that I present my worst song of the week! Applause by Lady Gaga is her newest single after a two-year break and after all the anticipation, I feel it turned out to be an absolute load of rubbish. What makes me laugh is that Gaga tries desperately to be soOoOo original but actually ends up to be the most unoriginal artist of the lot. Her music has always been pop/electric which is fine, but Applause is just a repetitive over-produced noise. It’s so sad because she has an amazing voice which isn’t reflected in this song at all – my friend commented that it sounds just like a song pre-made for the clubs of Malia and the likes, which I completely agree with.

Comment below what you think your best/worst songs of the week were!


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