This is the facelift that WhatsApp needs! [Concept]


WhatsApp iOS7 ConceptAs you’d expect with a face lift to iOS, a lot of apps are getting updated to suit the new minimalist and colourful theme of iOS7. One app that hasn’t yet had an update is WhatsApp – for an app that almost always sits at the top of the Paid Charts on the App Store, it  looks absolutely hideous and outdated.

I don’t think that WhatsApp has tweaked its UI since I downloaded it in 2009 so I’m welcoming a facelift. I have no doubt that their development team are working away for a beautifully designed iOS7 friendly WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Concept

In the mean time designer Timo Wever has given us his concept on what he thinks an iOS7 designed WhatsApp should look like. I must say, I think it’s a massive improvement on the current design of the app and WhatsApp should adopt this design if they haven’t already! Where there was previously ugly buttons there is now minimalistic tabs and icons with more Green than the current app has – which would be much better for the brand.

C’mon WhatsApp, do the right thing. Buy this concept from Timo & implement it ASAP!


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