The Yen Folio – the perfect case for the iPad Mini


I’ve had my iPad Mini since Christmas and since then it’s had only 1 accessory – the Apple Smart Cover. I don’t generally like cases for iPads because they make them feel a lot bulkier. why would Apple spend so much time trying to make their products thinner just for a case to undo that? Well, that was my opinion until I got my hands on the Yen Folio, the carbon texture iPad Mini case by Cooler Master.

Stolen from a bonnet of a modified car
The case itself looks beautiful, wrapping your iPad in black carbon texture that looks and feels premium. Not a fan of black carbon? Well they’ve got you covered as it comes in 5 colours; Silver White, Sky Blue, Charcoal Grey, Golden Bronze and of course Midnight Black. Your iPad is surrounded by plastic as well as the carbon texture to add security to its elegance and is also laced with a soft microfiber interior to stop your screen from becoming scratched while in the case.

yenfolio carbon fibre

Clipping the iPad Mini into the case just makes it feel a lot more secure and protected – funny story actually, minutes after I put the case on I dropped my iPad on its corner on tiled flooring. No damage whatsoever to case or tablet so that’s a drop test success if you ever wanted one!

More Angles than a Protractor
Any third-party case designers for iPad’s have to compete with Apple’s Smart Cover and its ability to fold into different viewing positions. Well, Cooler Master thought of that with the Yen Folio which has not 1, not 2, not even 3 but 4 viewing angles – 10° for typing, 45° for reading and 60° or 80° for watching videos.

yenfolio angles

How? It uses the power of the Yen. Yen is the currency used in Japan – the symbol being ¥. Now, if you hold the case sideways, what is the shape that’s been creased into the front of the case? Yeah, pretty smart isn’t it?

I must admit, I had a few problems using the typing angle though. The 40°/60°/80° angles are easy to set up because the magnets in the case means it just snaps into place. The same can’t be said for the typing angle, which has no magnet support and was just a bit wobbly when being used.

As well as the various viewing angles, it also has the magnetic smart cover built-in. For those who don’t know what that is, all you have to do is close the case to put the iPad Mini in sleep mode then open it to wake it up instantly. It’s crazy what you can do with a few magnets these days, eh?

The Yen Folio is a good example of how iPad Mini cases should be made – thin but stylish and useful. It boasts 4 viewing angles but I’d only recommend using 3 of them because of the lack of magnet support for the typing angle. Apart from that 1 small problem, the Yen Folio is an amazing case and has definitely changed my opinion on cases for iPads. Well done Cooler Master, well done.


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