The TYLT Energi Sliding Power Case – perfect for iPhone power users!


Power cases for phones have split opinions over the past couple of years. You can get a big boost in battery power but in doing so sacrificing the weight and width of your “top of the range oh so slim” phone. Recently these once large phone cases have jumped on the Weight Watchers programme and are now a real contender in phone accessories.

The TYLT Energi Sliding Power Case is one of those cases. The case holds an extra 2500mAh battery so when your iPhone goes into the red, you get up to 9 extra hours battery life. Not to shabby eh? In my experience it didn’t take too long to completely charge too! 1-2 hours max? Perfect for long days at work or budding iPhoneographers sightseeing in London.

TYLT Energi Power Case

The case is also unique because it’s 2 cases in 1! You get a slim case to attach to your phone which then slides into the more bulky battery case. These can come in a variety of colours and you get 2 with the charger (I got black and red). Why have these? With charger cases, more often than not you’ll have to slide your iPhone into the case, which means potentially scratching the sides and back of your phone. This case eliminates any risk of that happening as well as being a handy case for your phone when the battery pack is charging. Always protected!

TYLT Energi Power Case

It’s not called the “sliding power case” for nothing!

Of course the technology isn’t available to shrink down a 2500mAh battery into a slim case but as far as battery cases goes, this one is one of the slimmest I’ve seen. It only adds an extra 9mm width on your iPhone and an extra 10mm in length.

The problem with power cases and any iPhone 5/5s is that the headphone port is at the bottom of the phone. This means using an extra cable (supplied) to plug your headphones into the iPhone. A bit of a bummer but is only needed with L shaped headphone jacks so those of you using Apple Earbuds, no worries!

Overall I think that the TYLT Energi Sliding Power Case is a must have for power iPhone users – I find it coming in handy more and more as time goes on (especially when I use Moves to track my location all day!). I can have my iPhone at a higher brightness and play games without having to worry about when my battery is going to die. It’s a nice feeling. A feeling that’ll set you back $99.99 though! You can get more information from the TYLT website here. What do you think of power cases? Necessary or a gimmick? Let me know in the comments!


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