The OlloClip 4-in-1 Review: A must have for iPhoneographers!


The Olloclip Brand is infamous in the iPhone accessory market – the original Olloclip with 3 interchangeable lenses took the market by storm when it was first released only a couple of years ago. Their logic isn’t to get your iPhone to replace your DSLR, they just wanted to give amateurs and professional photographers alike the ability to use their iPhone to capture amazing moments in ways that wasn’t possible before. They responded to the initial success with more products including a telephoto lens and an all new 4-in-1 lens (just when you thought you couldn’t squeeze any more lens in, right?).

I’ve always kept my eye on Olloclip – I remember buying a cheap fish eye lens on eBay a couple of years ago where you had to stick a magnet around the ring of your camera to use it. Eurgh. The way that you easily slid on the Olloclip made it stand out from any other cheap alternative in the market.

DSC00918 2

Anyway, the 4-in-1 comes with 4 lenses, as you’d imagine;

  • Fisheye lens – captures a 180° field of view
  • Wide-Angle lens – gives you a better field of view, approx. double  that of the iPhone
  • 10x Macro lens – 18mm focus distance for close up shots
  • 15x Macro lens – 12mm focus distance for extreme close up shots

There are two detachable lenses and two that are built into the clip itself. The two Macro lenses are accessed by unscrewing the Fisheye or Wide-Angle lens. My first worry was screwing them on the correct sides – wrong magnifications could distort the images taken with the lens. They planned ahead for that situation with slightly different sized lenses so you’re always screwing it back on the correct side!

Lets talk materials. A big worry about using the 4-in-1 was the thought of scratching my phone when attaching and detaching it. Olloclip has tried to prevent any kind of marking by using a soft, plastic material to ensure a snug fit without damaging your phone. Unfortunately, I have to say that there was slight chipping to my phone – mainly around the lock button. In Olloclips defence, I was constantly attaching and removing the clip when taking a tour around Windsor Castle – take a look at some of the photos I took below.

What’s the outcome? Amazing photos that most people won’t believe you’ll have taken on your iPhone. They’ve made it cheap for budding photographers and iPhone users alike to experiment with a variety of lenses without spending hundreds on a Digital SLR & separate lenses. What else is great is that you can use it with pretty much any photo app that uses the back camera, which can enable you to tweak your camera settings to capture some truly amazing photographs right from your iPhone.

DSC00920 2

Overall the Olloclip 4-in-1 iPhone lens is a superb thing for both seasoned photographers and for people interested in photography. Sure, you could go the easy way like I did with my fish eye lens but honestly, it’s worth paying that bit extra for to get the ease of use and quality that you just don’t find on other lenses. Anyway, they’re available for £59.95 from both the Apple Store and the Olloclip website. Do you have the 4-in-1 or any other from the Olloclip series? Let me know in the comments below what you use yours for!


A must for iPhoneographers

The Olloclip 4-in-1 lens is a fantastic accessory for the iPhone that both budding photographers and seasoned professionals can use with ease. It's not designed to replace a DSLR but rather to be used in those situations where you don't have your DSLR handy - and it does a great job at it too!

  • Size
  • Quality
  • Price
  • Ease of Use
  • Design

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  1. Love my olloclip. Has been a godsend for some filming for a community documentary to get some better shots than I would have been able to. Just wish it came with a better case!

    • I can imagine they made all the difference! Did you get the Olloclip iPhone case? I thought it was pretty good, allows easy access to the camera section without having to take it off completely! I also liked the fact that you could screw the case onto a tripod for even better shots.

  2. Wish I could afford one! D: Well rather justify spending that amount of money on one. I probs would if I could though!

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