The MendMyi Colour Lab Review: something Apple would be proud of!


The recurring readers of the blog may remember that I reviewed MendMyi’s Colour Lab last year and I was amazed by the results. MendMyi don’t only repair your iDevices but they do phenomenally beautiful customisations too, especially on the iPhone 5/5s. They’re one of a very small number of companies in the world apart from Apple that can anodise iPhone housing – the same way that Apple colours their iPhone.

It’s not only the customisation itself that separates it from any other repair/customisation companies, the fully interactive ordering process is intuitive and gives you a visual idea of what your iPhone will be like when you get it back. There are a range of colours available and you can also combine different colours – a red iPhone with yellow buttons would look pretty cool to any Iron Man fan! I decided to go with the dark blue, it works pretty well with Black iPhones! If your housing is scratched and dented, don’t worry too much – you can pay extra and get a brand new housing to go with your customisation! The whole process can take up to 10 working days but usually doesn’t take more than 5.

The whole process is pretty simple; check out the video below that MendMyi created to show you how it works in 4 steps. They talk about the repair process but it’s the exact same for the Colour Lab too!

As you can see in the video, for an extra fee MendMyi will even give you a replacement iPhone while yours is being customised! It puts to bed the problem of having to find a replacement phone because let’s be honest, not having a mobile in this day and age is like loosing a limb.

DSC00860 2

Anyway, enough about the company and the process – lets talk about the finished result. After seeing a mock-up on the website of what my iPhone would look like, I was excited to receive it in the post. When I received it, I was shocked. The shade of Blue was incredible – something that I can’t really put into words (which is rare for a blogger!). All I can say is that I can take as many photos and videos of it as I can but it still doesn’t quite match up to seeing it in real life and inspecting it up close. The attention to detail really is something, even to the point where the Apple logo on the back is a slightly different shade than the phone, just like on the stock iPhone 5/5s – it’s small things like that, that really show you how seriously these guys take their jobs. The anodising process means it keeps its high quality feel – something that isn’t the same for other customisation companies which order cheap parts from China.

After having the phone back for almost 3 weeks, I still find myself just staring at it. It’s eye-catching too – London isn’t a place that’s notorious for strangers talking to one another but I’ve been asked on several occasions “Where’d you get that done?”. When Londoners start talking to each other, you know it’s something to take notice of!

If you’re thinking about customising your iDevice, I wouldn’t recommend anyone apart from MendMyi – neither would celebrities like Stephen Fry, JME and Jason Bradbury who have all had their iPhones customised by them! The base price is £96 for a Colour Lab using your own housing. Check out our full gallery below then head over to the MendMyi Colour Lab and get creative!



The MendMyi Colour Lab is the top of the food chain when it comes to iDevice repairs and customisations. The quality is superb and it matches their level of customer service and satisfaction. If you want to get your iDevice personalised, these are the guys to do it!

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