The Logitech Keyboard Folio for iPad Mini Review


When it comes to keyboard cases for tablets, I’m extremely picky. These days most manufacturers decide to use gel-like keys for the keyboard to stop it from scratching the tablet screen & to save on weight/price. I detest these with a passion, as any one that’s ever used one will tell you – the keys are horribly placed and they’re soft so you’ll often find yourself having to retype sentences because the keys weren’t pressed hard enough. Horrible, horrible things. In enters the Logitech Keyboard Folio Mini – a real game changer when it comes to keyboard accessories for the iPad mini.

On first glance, it’s a good-looking case – it fully protects your iPad mini from those clumsy drops that we’ve all experienced at one point. Remember that gut wrenching feeling when you turn it over to see if there’s damage to the screen? You won’t have to worry about that with this case! The outside is covered in a beautiful fabric which you can choose from in a selection of colours with the keyboard on the inside, ready for use.

Logitech Folio Keyboard Mini

A small feature to its design that I’m a fan of is the housing inside this book-esque case that your iPad attaches to. With most cases I’ve had, I’ve had to snap the iPad into the horribly rigid plastic housing and ended up scratching the iPad when putting it on/taking it off. This case however has decided to do things differently, instead using a thick rubber housing for your iPad. What does this mean? The rubber absorbs any shock when the iPad is dropped and it’s a hell of a lot easier to put on/take off. Definitely a good call there!

As this is a folio case, you’re already aware that this case covers the screen of your iPad. When using a lot of cases, you start to assume certain pieces of tech will be included in every case – a technology such as the “automatic on/off” you get with folio cases. I’m so glad that Logitech included this technology as it really can make or break a product.

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This wouldn’t be a review without me mentioning the keyboard. In a word – fantastic. It’s powered by Bluetooth & boasts quite the impressive battery life – up to 3 months on a single charge! Unlike most other keyboard accessory makers, Logitech uses their own patented “EasyType” keyboard – a keyboard which tries to keep the same layout as a traditional keyboard but with a few extra added buttons designed for iPad mini functions. The keys are made out of plastic so you feel like you’re typing on a laptop instead of an iPad. Of course with the iPad mini the keys have to be a bit smaller than a regular keyboard – this may seem like a problem but I found that after 10-15 minutes use my fingers became adjusted to the size and my spelling mistakes became minimal.

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With all these good points comes the only real gripe I have with this case – the placement of the home button on the keyboard. To save space, all keys have been shifted 1 along which merges the A button and the Caps Lock button – this keeps throwing out my finger placement and I constantly end up pressing the home button instead of the 1 key. It’s the only bad point I’ve got to make about this case but it does get annoying after a while!

Overall though I couldn’t recommend this enough to anyone that wants to do work on the go – I’ve been using this case to blog while on the go recently and it’s just the best keyboard case experience I’ve had to date. With regards to price it is a bit more expensive than other keyboard cases I’ve seen at £69 but it is more than worth it.


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