The Leap from Leap Motion


When I first saw a promotional video of the Leap in action, I thought it was something straight from Stark Industries in Iron Man but it’s in production and due for release this Winter. “What is the Leap?” you may ask. Well, here’s the promotional video straight from the company for your viewing pleasure;

How well will it work in practise though? I spent about an hour looking at various YouTube videos that third-party magazines/blogs have posted where they’ve been using the Leap, and it looks pretty accurate and there isn’t much room for error – I must say though, the CEO of the company is always doing the demonstration though, which makes me think it does take a little while to get used to its various controls.

The possibilities? They’re literally endless. Gaming using your hand as a gun, or even practising martial arts with an interactive program? All we know is that it basically turns any computer into a touchscreen without having to actually touch the screen, and you can use items in your hand for more accuracy – for example, using a pencil to draw when on Photoshop for pinpoint drawing that your finger can’t achieve. If it’s all it’s cracked up to be, it can pick up the tiniest movement, and has input for all 10 fingers at once in 3D (handy for programs that you are able to reach in and turn around).

All we can do is wait for its general release, and go from there – I know I’ll be getting one! What do you think of the Leap? Let me know in the comments below.


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