The Last of Us infected with an Autosave Bug!


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One of the most critically acclaimed games of this generation “The Last of Us” (created by Naughty Dog, creators of Uncharted) was today hit with a bug of its own. On it release date world wide, a bug (speculated to be from the 1.01 update pushed today) has caused a glitch in the games autosave system meaning that no progress is saved during the game and you can’t manually save either.

Many gamers have taken to forums on the Internet complaining of gameplay hours lost – I have personally been playing for about 2 hours for none of it to be saved. It’s a little frustrating on both Naughty Dogs behalf and on the gamers behalf. Tips to beat the glitch include deleting the update from your PS3 system then restarting from the beginning but for those of us that don’t want to do that, we just have to sit and wait on a new patch.

There’s no word on the Naughty Dog twitter account but I’ll keep watching, waiting for any news. Keep checking back here for updates!

Update #1
Naughty Dog have acknowledged the issue and have tweeted the following:

Update #2
It seems the problem has been resolved, enjoy the game!



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