The Konkis Waterproof Bike iPhone Holder Review: It’s Ideal for Bikers!


Biking is a great way to get the blood pumping and get some exercise. What is annoying is getting a phone call/text while riding your bike! Having to wrestle to get it out of your pocket before it stops ringing – it’s not ideal. The Konkis is a bike iPhone holder that hopes to change that! You simply attach the holder to any handlebar with the adjustable clip and you’re away for some hands free action. Not only can you keep track of calls and texts but it’s ideal for Fitness Companion apps like RunKeeper – you can see your speed, distance, time, etc. all at a quick glance.

The main worry with any iPhone holder is “is it secure?” because I couldn’t imagine anything worse than seeing my iPhone fall out of the holder while cycling down a busy road! The Konkis has two clips, one either side of the case that snap into place when you close it. Once they’re in place, that phone isn’t going anywhere!

The bike iPhone holder doubles up as a case too!

Another feature I like is that the holder turns into a detachable case, which means I can quickly detach my phone if I need to leave my bike unattended. There’s a clip on the back of the holder that you push in, then you simply twist the case and it’ll lift away. Putting it back on is a bit fiddly I found, but it shouldn’t take more than a few seconds to attach! The “case” itself looks pretty rugged. It’s big and bulky and can withstand a drop or two (I can confirm this after dropping it, trying to detach it from the holder!).

The second worry about bike iPhone holders is “What about when it’s raining?”. Konkis have you covered there too – it’s waterproof! Not completely mind, but it’ll shield your precious iPhone against a bit of rain. If the water level rises above your hip though, there may be a bit of an issue.

Small hole for headphones, covered by silicon.

I FaceTime’d my brother on a bike ride and I could hear him just fine through the case, only problem was that he couldn’t hear anything from my end. That’s why they’ve provided a hole at the bottom of the case, just big enough for headphones – making lonesome bike rides a more sociable experience one day at a time!

I did think it’d be useful to have if you want to record your bike journeys (incase of accidents, etc). Just point your iPhone forward and tap record. This is possible with the Konkis but you’ll have a silhouette across the top of the camera where the case slightly covers the camera lens. It’s not a massive problem and it could still be used for that purpose, but it won’t be a perfect image.

Bike iPhone holders aren’t the most popular accessory on the market but after using one for the past few weeks, I can’t tell you that it isn’t useful to have. Maps/Directions, Phone calls, FaceTime, Music, there’s something for everyone (that rides bikes, obviously!). The extra added feature of being able to take the phone off your handlebars without having to open the case is also handy to have! For the price of £21 from MyTrendyPhone with same day dispatch, you can’t really go wrong can you?

Konkis Waterproof Bike iPhone Holder

Pretty Handy!

The Konkis waterproof bike iPhone holder is a handy accessory for anyone that uses a bike for commuting or exercise. It's rugged so it can handle a few drops without damaging your iPhone and it's waterproof too which means there's no worries when it comes to rain!

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