the iPhone 5 Secret that no site knows about


Now, this may seem like something small and insignificant when held up against the purple lens flare or the new iOS Maps problems, but it’s still something I haven’t seen reported about.

I was laying in bed charging my iPhone 5, and as I’d drag my fingers across the back of it, I’d feel a soft vibration on my finger. I thought it was just the texture and dismissed it. I then, a few days later, tried to emulate the same sensation when talking about it with my friend when I was out and couldn’t – I couldn’t work out why.

I went home that night, and whilst the phone was on charge again I dragged my finger across the back and again felt the vibration. I realised that it only happens when the phone is on charge – is it a bug? An engineering fault? Either way, it’s not really a problem, more an observation.

I realise this isn’t amazing news, but no other site has written about it, and well, I’m calling shotgun.



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  1. It normally means you have a shitty cheap charger. You will notice the same thing if you plug a cheap external hard drive into your Macbook Pro. Rub your fingers along the top and you will feel the same thing.

      • Cheap stock phone charger then :p Try another one and see if you get the same thing. I only get it on the cheap USB hard drive. Used to also get it on Lenovo laptops when you touch more than one of em at the same time (used to repair em).

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