The future is Clear with the Leap Motion


Many have heard about the Leap Motion and how it’s going to revolutionise the computing world – much like the introduction of the mouse. When I talk to friends about the Leap Motion, I can only describe it to them as something “straight out of an Iron Man film”. Its gesture based control can be enabled on any PC or Mac simply by plugging in the device and installing the software.

With the release date being teased all over the Leap Motion’s Twitter and Facebook pages, Realmac Software, the creators of Clear for iPhone and Mac have announced its compatibility with the Leap Motion device. Along with this announcement a video was posted with a demonstration of how easy it is to use the Leap Motion with the app.

“Just before Christmas, the Clear for Mac team gathered around a box that had arrived from San Francisco. Inside, was a rather intriguing piece of hardware. Over the past couple of months, we’ve been stealthily working on adding support for this futuristic piece of hardware to Clear for Mac – and today we’re thrilled to announce that Clear for Mac will soon support the rather incredible Leap Motion controller.”

As you can see from the video, the Leap Motion works extremely well with the Clear app.  Seeing the integration of apps demonstrated gets me excited to think that the release date announcement is in weeks, rather than months after preordering so long ago!


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