The Logitech FabricSkin Keyboard Folio Review: The Ultimate iPad Air Keyboard Experience.


Keyboard Folio’s are the way forward in regards to the iPad – there are so many productivity apps available on the App Store, so what stops us from using them? For the most part, it’s the lack of a good external keyboard for the iPad. Sure you can use the official Apple Bluetooth keyboard or the keyboard I reviewed a few weeks ago and it’ll do the trick, but people need something discreet. Something they don’t have to carry around separately.

In comes the FabricSkin Keyboard Folio by Logitech. You may remember me reviewing a Logitech keyboard folio for the iPad Mini a few months ago – I was amazed by it but I felt it was a bit too small to type comfortably. The FabricSkin is for use with the iPad Air, meaning a full size keyboard that’s a lot easier to type on than its smaller cousin. In fact, I’m writing this on my iPad using the FabricSkin and it’s an enjoyable experience (apart from the odd wrong key being pushed but your fingers will get used to it in time).

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The keyboard has been modified to give you shortcuts to popular iOS actions – music/volume controls, lock screen, home button, etc. This is where it sounds confusing, but it isn’t really. The Home button is in place of an ESC button on a normal keyboard. It makes sense right? Well to save on space, the first line of buttons on a normal keyboard have been merged with the second line of buttons, for example the A key’s alternate function is Caps Lock, Q is tab, etc. This doesn’t apply for the Home Button so all number keys have been shifted along by one – this means I’m hitting the Home button by accident while meaning to insert an exclamation mark! (Definitely just did it then).

As well as packing a full size keyboard, the folio is also water-resistant and shock resistant to give your iPad (and the folio itself) a longer life. It doesn’t end there though, oh no. My favourite feature by far is one that’s so simple but has been overlooked by so many manufacturers – the keyboard turns itself on and automatically pairs when the iPad is in the correct (open) position and magnetised. As soon as your iPad snaps into place, you’re good to go. Fold your iPad down and the keyboard disconnects, which is especially great for those people who always seem to forget to turn things off. It also means that with average use, it’ll last a whopping 3 months on a single full charge!

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DSC00876 2It looks and feels like a premium product, especially with the state of the art, water-resistant material used. It’s compact and functional, I’ve used it on train journeys and at home with comfort. If you’re looking for a keyboard case that gives you something that’s close to a laptop experience then this is definitely the case for you. I don’t think iPad keyboards can get much better than this! It’s available on the Logitech website for a slightly pricey £129 in 2 colours – Black and “Urban Grey”. Do you use an iPad keyboard folio? If so, what one do you use? Let me know in the comments!



The FabricSkin Keyboard Folio is the best keyboard I've used on an iPad - the full width keys makes typing a breeze and only a little learning curve. It's made from water resistant material so you can just wipe away those spills on the keyboard! A bit pricey at £129 but definitely worth the investment.

  • Style
  • Ease of Use
  • Added Weight/Bulk
  • Price
  • Battery Life

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