The Demise of the iPhone (written by an “Apple Fanboy”)


It’s something that I’ve been thinking for quite some time now, and as time goes by it seems that I’m being proven right. When the iPhone was released in 2007, it caused a world wide stir – no one had ever seen anything like it. A smart phone with apps? In built GPS for maps? It was unheard of, even if the original iPhone didn’t record video or have Siri or even support third party apps for a while.

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Since then, what’s happened? Where’s the innovation? Yeah sure, boosting the internals to make the phone faster, giving it a better camera and a bigger screen is always nice, but where is that element of wow that we got in 2007? When Siri was first announced, it caused a lot of excitement – maybe Apple isn’t in as much trouble as we first thought. Sadly, after it’s release you realise that Siri is more of a novelty that you’ll use in front of your friends as opposed to a computerised assistant that’ll understand everything you ask it to do (especially if you’re Scottish, they’ve got no hope with Siri!).


Lets look at the iPhone/iOS’s main competitor – Android & Samsung in particular. Each generation of Samsungs flagship Galaxy S series gets better and better, especially if the rumours about the smart scrolling and smart pause features are true. Smart scrolling is where the phone will see that you’re near the bottom of the page and scroll automatically, and smart pause is a feature used when watching videos; the phone will pause the video if it detects you looking away. Innovation at its finest. What was new with iOS6? Passbook, a Panoramic camera mode and a dodgy new Maps system. People had such high expectations for Passbook, but more than 6 months since its integration, there’s only a handful of apps that support it. As for the panoramic camera mode, yes it’s quite good but it can’t compete with the myriad of camera modes that most Android cameras have.

Apple are too scared to do anything daring any more. Especially as there are so many people that use iPhones now and not all are tech savvy and could deal with big changes to the software. They’re willing to shun the innovation that they’re known for to keep their OS simple and quite frankly boring. Yeah, Androids OS is quite messy and confusing to use at first but you get used to it, as with any phone. I think now that Jonny Ive is the head of iOS Design as well as Product Design, we might see a nicer iOS7 but I also think this is Apples last chance to wow the audience before they start loosing out to Android, especially as the announcement for the Samsung Galaxy S4 is on the 14th March. Your move Apple, better make it a good one.


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  1. Well apples demise has been impending really. Social consumerism of what was once such a “Marvellous” creation loses it’s novelty and fandom. However we can also say it is due to the loss of the main innovator. Yes he may have laid down a pipe work for years to follow but he isn’t here and plenty of I’m sure envious board members wanted to get in an have a controlling stake, that or they were too content with the set up.

    But do you honestly think that this novelty would of wore off had Apple and samsung agreed a contract for components and software development? Would the ‘great SJ’ have let Samsung run so much riot?

    Answer I believe is No, keep your friends close and enemies CLOSER! I’m sure even if he was the bridge for both companies it would of come a time when they had to defect. It could be fair to say this split was impending however SJ wasn’t just a creationist he was a business man also, simple genius but ruthless.

    Apple has had it’s chunk taken out of them and will be truly worm ridden once android sites up a new Galaxy S. a rotten core infects the whole apple. Apple is no longer fresh nor is it as gripping. Sales will decrease once they see the affordable prices of androids and how much free reign they have over apps and softwares and players, iPhone will deminish and the androids have feasted well on it’s once juicy freshness

  2. “Smart Scrolling” is not going to work. It’s going to be incredibly annoying because it’s going to make a lot of mistakes and therefore be tantamount to useless. Same goes for most of the “features” Samsung has duct taped onto Android to make newspaper Technology Columnists gush. All this “the end is nigh” talk with regards to the iPhone is getting stupid. It wouldn’t be so bad if anyone could point to something someone else was actually doing better as opposed to just differently, but nobody can.

    Just as you do not have to constantly reinvent the wheel to make a better car, you don’t have to constantly concoct new features to make a good smartphone. Case in point: “Wireless” charging. Several manufacturers have made a huge song and dance about their devices having this “amazing” and “innovative” feature.

    A few problems.

    First, it’s not (as its name kind of promises) wireless. It just replaces a simple and versatile connector with an inductive backing and pad. There is still very much a wire and there must still be a physical connection. Only the nature of that connection itself has changed.

    Second, it is significantly more expensive since the necessary backing plate and charging pad are significantly more costly to manufacture than simple connectors like Lightning or micro-USB (As a result, they are usually expensive optional extras). Third, it’s actually a lot less convenient and massively less efficient than simply plugging your device in.

    It’s completely ridiculous to suggest that new features are always better. The reason the iPhone worked in the first place is because Apple recognised that the things you left out of a product were as important as the things you chose to include.

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  4. Gregg Powers on

    Demise of Apples products will occur for the same reason that Betamax was overrun by VHS. Apple may have possessed superior innovation to start, but once global vendors line up behind a new standard, Apple simply does not have the cash to match innovation over the long term REGARDLESS of who is guiding the ship. Its simply a matter of proprietary (Apple) versus community (Android) and community will prevail because of the much larger set of resources dedicated to improving the products. This will happen with IPads, i Pods, etc, etc, etc.

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