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The guys over at Cyber Clean are dedicated to creating ways to keep your gadgets looking and feeling brand new. There’s nothing worse than picking up an iPad after a kid has been playing with it with sticky fingers – dun dun du dun, in comes Cyber Clean with their range of products that’ll easily clean and disinfect your iPad screen within seconds.

Touch Screen Cleaner
The touch screen cleaner is a great device to have for both aesthetic purposes and to keep your smartphone/tablet hygienic. It’s designed to look like a pen so it’s easy to carry around with you and the best part is that it doubles up as a stylus – great for keeping fingerprints off your screen once it’s clean!

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Application is straight forward too, as was demo’d to me at Gadget Show Live 2014! Just take your smartphone or tablet, spray once or twice and then use the in built, high performance absorbing fibre pad to wipe away any germs and excess solution. That’ll leave you with a screen that looks brand new with no marks or streaks. I was pleasantly surprised with the results unlike other screen cleaning accessories that I’ve used in the past.

The Nano Spray head lasts up to 320 applications before it’ll need refilling. Although 320 applications sounds like more than enough to me, the pack comes with 3x refills meaning that you’ll be spraying for quite a while before needing to purchase any more – not too bad for a £15 product! It comes in 2 colours and also comes with a tablet clip, allowing you to attach the pen to your tablet; great if there are a lot of people who use your device!

TV Screen and Remote Cleaner
The screen and remote cleaner set comes as 2 parts – a spray similar to that of the touch screen cleaner as well as a smaller pack containing a  gooey cleaning compound that you can use on your remote to get rid of all the gunk that gets stuck between the keys. I’ll come to that in more detail later.

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The Screen cleaner is designed for TVs and Computer Displays – two devices that shouldn’t get as dirty as they do! It’s considerably larger than its smaller, touchscreen cousin to help cover a wider surface area when wiping. Again, the nano head can last up to 320 applications but unfortunately there are no refills available for the TV cleaner – once it’s gone, you have to dispose of it and buy a new one. They’re only £2 more than the touch screen cleaner though; coming in at £25 for both that and the cleaning compound. Slightly more expensive than you’d want, considering you can’t refill it.

The bonus to the screen cleaner is that it has a dock that you can attach to the wall beside the TV meaning that you’ll always know where it is – a small bonus but still something to make the experience that little bit easier!

Cleaning Compound
I mentioned earlier that the TV Screen and Remote cleaner came in 2 parts – the cleaning compound is a gooey substance that you can pick up and squash against the keys of a remote or keyboard to clean and disinfect against 99.9% of germs. It can also be bought separately in a pot for £8 if you didn’t want to shell out for the TV Screen cleaner set.

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The idea behind the cleaning compound is that you hold it and press it against the keys of your keyboard/remote. The compound will get between all the keys and dirt/grime will stick to it, lifting it away from your keyboard. The best part though? The compound is designed to break down all the dust and dirt within 24 hours so it’s ready to use the next time you need it!

It’s an interesting texture, much like the farting goo that was all the rage in the 90’s – ah, nostalgia. I was quite hesitant about placing it on my MacBook Air’s keyboard incase any bits broke off and got stuck between the keys but on the whole, it was an easy experience. The only downside is that it was a bit tricky to get off my hands when putting it back in the pot – it’s stickier than I initially realised!

If you’re in the market for cleaning accessories for your various gadgets then I think Cyber Clean is the road to go down. The products are cheaper than others I’ve seen and they last a lot longer too! There are other products available for other devices too, check them out on their website. Are you the type of person who looks after their gadgets or do you not really care too much? Let us know in the comments below!


Does the job!

The Cyber Clean range surpassed my expectation of them - especially the touch screen cleaner. I like to make sure my iPhone always looks fresh and with the touch screen cleaner, I can do it pretty much whenever! Inexpensive and does the job. Great products!

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