The COOKOO Connected Watch – You’d have to be COOKOO to buy it!


The wearable tech revolution has well and truly started this year with people getting their hands on the Explorer Edition of Google Glass, Kickstarters most successful project Pebble have shipped out their pre-orders and there are more and more rumours of the iWatch coming out later on this year. Amongst all this is the COOKOO Connected Watch – the company specifically says that it isn’t a smart watch. I think I know why; its not smart at all.

The watch boasts an ability to notify you with a bleep and a vibration for a range of notifications:

  • Incoming Calls
  • Missed Calls
  • SMS
  • Emails
  • Facebook messages & Posts
  • Twitter Mentions
  • Calendar Reminders
  • Device out of Range
  • Low battery on iPhone or iPad
  • Alarm and Timer alert

As well as this, it has a command button which you can program to do a range of things (depending on how long you hold the button down for):

  • One-button Facebook Check-in
  • Remote Photos/Videos taking
  • One button music control
  • Tag location (drops a pin on a map)
  • Find your Phone

Unlike many other smart watches, it runs on a normal watch battery instead of having to charge it every few days. According to the website, it should last about 6 months before you need to change the battery and even then, it’s easy to change.

It’s like a stereotypical model – good looking but not much else
I did my research on the COOKOO before I went and purchased one like any other smart technology consumer would, and a lot of the reviews were saying how amazing it was. So, of course I bought one. Now, don’t get me wrong – visually, it’s beautiful and looks a lot better than many other smart watches on the market. I got a black one with blue highlights and it looked sophisticated, but there are more to choose from: Blue, White, Grey, Black and a limited edition Green one.

Photo 25-06-2013 05 34 06 pm

It comes in a box which can be used as a bird house!

Once I got the COOKOO in the post, I was excited to set it up and use it. After unsuccessfully trying to pair it with my iPhone in its dedicated app for about half an hour, I managed to get it connected. Once connected you have to log in to your Facebook and Twitter to get notifications from them. This is where it got complicated.

If you want email and SMS notifications, you must have Google Voice installed on your phone. (It forwards text messages to an email which the watch receives and notifies you). The problem? Google Voice is only available in the US, and it doesn’t state anywhere on the website that users outside of the US won’t be able to get these kinds of notifications – the main feature I wanted to use.

The command button features didn’t work as well as I’d originally thought either. I tried several times to enable the ability to control my music with the watch to no avail. As well as that, I couldn’t get the watch to take photos remotely (which you have to do in the app may I add). In fact, there were only 2 things I could do, one being the ability to check in on Facebook, which usually gave me a notification informing me that I had to choose a location – defeating the object of checking in without using your phone. The other was to the Find my iPhone feature which I found worked pretty well whenever I tested it.

Photo 21-06-2013 04 13 16 pm

It looked pretty cool on, but that’s about it!

It should be called the COOKOO Malfunction Watch
After using it for a few days, I noticed that the watch would regularly disconnect from my phone and I’d have to reset the bluetooth settings for the device to get it to reconnect. As well as that, the watch would bleep randomly while displaying no notification icons whilst my phone would make a cookoo sound effect even when on silent mode. It became a nuisance and even went off half way through an important meeting and there’s no way to disable it; you just have to let it cookoo 10 times.

As well as this, it would bleep and tell me that I’ve got a notification when there is nothing coming through to my phone. Helpful.

I can’t in my heart of hearts recommend this watch to anyone and I had mine sold within 2 weeks of me purchasing it. Its lack of SMS & Email support outside of the US and the fact that it doesn’t have Android support means that it isn’t a very good smart watch, just a good looking watch. If you do however want to find more information and purchase one, you can head over to the COOKOO website by clicking here.


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