The Cleverr iPhone 5 Bottle Opener Case Review


Being a singleton on Valentines Day, I was ready for the day to be a complete write off – that was until I checked the post and saw that my iPhone 5 Bottle Opener Case had been delivered, courtesy of its creators Cleverr.

Cleverr iPhone 5 Bottle Opener in it's packaging

Cleverr iPhone 5 Bottle Opener in its packaging

It looks a lot more impressive in person than it does on the photos that I’d previously seen on the internet – I’m not sure why though. I take it out of the packaging ready to put on my phone, then I come across the cases one and only flaw. The hard shell of the case makes it extremely hard to get your phone into it and is quite difficult to take off too. After commenting, I was directed to this FAQ on the Cleverr website that has instructions on how to get the case off as easily as possible. It’s a solid case that will protect your phone and open your bottles but if you’re like a lot of people and like to change their cases a lot, this case makes that difficult. The case is pretty durable as a case, as I’ve already managed to drop it.

Cleverr bottle opener case

The case is designed so that there is a ring on the back that lets you easily extend and retract the bottle opener from the bottom, which also circles around the Apple logo on the back of your device when retracted (attention to detail is always nice). The bottle opener is slightly raised from the phone case so there’s no chance of it scratching your phone when extending and retracting it – something that I was initially worried about when looking at the product. When the bottle opener is retracted, it locks gently in place so it doesn’t slide down at awkward times, such as during phone calls.

The case feels solid in your hand, and isn’t as bulky as I initially thought. In terms of weight, of course it’ll make your iPhone weigh a bit more than usual but due to the iPhone 5’s exceptionally small weight, it just feels like a normal phone – similar weight to the Nokia Lumia 800 (holding both in each hand, not a scientific experiment so don’t quote me on that!).

Black & White versions of the Bottle Opener Case.

Black not your colour? Don’t worry, Cleverr has you covered – the case comes in both black and white to match both colours of the iPhone. The raised back for the bottle opener makes the design look a lot more sophisticated and moulds to the shape of your hand cradled around your phone.

The case is available on the Cleverr website priced at £14.99 with free delivery in the UK. I’d definitely recommend this as a gift for Christmas or Birthdays as you’ll never know when you’ll need a bottle opener (especially University students like myself). Make sure you check them out on Facebook as they do regular giveaways on their page, and don’t forget Twitter too!


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