The Battle of the iPhone Cable


Any iPhone (or iPad or iPod Touch owner for that matter) will know the pain of charging their device and having to stay pretty much next to the wall where it’s plugged in. Why? The cable is so short, that’s why! Apple have changed everything about their product in the past year – new earbuds, new cable connector, new UI on iOS but yet we’re still stuck with the mediocre 110cm charger/USB cable.

There are other alternatives from companies such as Belkin but they’ll charge you over the odds for the charger compared to sellers on eBay. For example, for a 3 metre long by Belkin you’ll be paying out £22.99. On eBay? £2.99 with free next day postage and packaging! You can argue that the cheaper cable will probably break a lot quicker than the Belkin one but for that price you could buy 7 of the cheap one. Definitely worth it – imagine being able to move away from the plug whilst still being on your phone. Bliss.

Red Lightning Cable

In addition to the cables being a lot cheaper on eBay, you have the option of having a different coloured cable – personally I’ve gone for a red one for my black iPhone 5 (so it matches my black iPad Mini with Red smart cover!). If you want to have a deeper look at the options available, I’ve found the Belkin cable on Amazon here and the cable on eBay in this seller store here.


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  1. Personally I just use a male USB to female USB cable. I have a few knocking about back from the mid 2000’s when any MP3 player or thumb drive would come with one. Been using it as a charging cable extender since ’09 and have never looked back.

    This is just another alternative to potentially forking out £20+, admitily it’s not the most eye pleasing thing you’ll ever see but it gets the job done.

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