Temple Run is back with a vengeance with Temple Run 2!


Anyone that owns a smart phone running iOS or Android knows about Temple Run and probably partook in the phenomenon that swept the world last year. Well, Imangi Studios have released its sequel – Temple Run 2 for iOS (sorry Android users!)

The game runs on the original Temple Run’s games rules – running from a steroid using monkey, trying not to fall of an edge into water or run into fire and walls. The same is said for its controls;

  • Swipe left or right to turn
  • Swipe down to slide
  • Swipe up to jump
  • Tilt left or right to collect coins

Now you might be asking what is new about Temple Run 2? Well, the graphics are a lot better in this game and it’s in a new setting – a temple in the sky set with rivers, ruins to jump over and even ropes to jump on and swing on! The 3D rendering is a lot smoother and even a bit disorientating at some points especially if you’re used to playing the old Temple Run game. There are also some new abilities that are available to purchase such as Pickup Spawn – increasing the frequency of power ups during the game.

Temple Run 2 utility upgrade menu

Temple Run 2 utility upgrade menu

There is also a new power up system available which you can activate at any point during the game by double tapping on the screen. By default it is a shield but you can buy other power ups to use at any point, and they can also be upgraded to last longer, etc.

As with the old Temple Run games, other characters are available to purchase and run with. I was disappointed in the original Temple Run when I saved up all my coins to purchase other characters for them to play the exact same as the default character – I expected them to have other powers. Sadly, it’s the same in this game as far as I know.

Temple Run 2 run summary with missions

Temple Run 2 run summary with missions

You still have various achievements and tasks to do to during your runs to keep you entertained for hours. The one problem that I’ve noticed is that they’ve taken away score multipliers as your level grows. Instead, you have to purchase them in their utility upgrade menu – bad choice with that!

There is a whole new level layout once you reach about 2000m – you go into a tunnel and ride in a cart. You have to tilt to change direction in the tunnels to avoid collapsed tunnels and have to tilt the cart on parts where only half of the track is laid. Intense isn’t the word, but it’s definitely a welcome addition to an already addictive game!

The gameplay is a lot smoother and generally nicer than the original Temple Run which had lag at crucial times, especially when your score was in the millions and the speed meant a split second delay could have you running off an edge. One thing I’m a fan of is the camera angle stays the same when you slide under fire whereas you followed it under fire in the original game, blocking your view of what was coming up after it.

Overall, I really enjoyed playing the new Temple Run 2 game and it’s available on the iOS App Store for both the iPhone and iPad for free! To grab it, click here. Android users, fear not as the game is being submitted to Google Play in the coming weeks (just enough time for iOS users to hone their temple running skills, eh!). What do you think about the new Temple Run? A waste of time or a breath of fresh air on a smart phone game phenomenon? Let us know in the comments & check out the gallery of gameplay below!


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