STM Link Review: The Link is the best all round iPad shoulder bag!


From humble beginnings, iPad is now a major player everywhere from schools to businesses. The main issue is security – carrying your iPad around is likely to attract unwanted attention from some less than reputable characters and that’s not what anyone wants. There are a plethora of tablet bags on the market with styles to suit everyone, so what makes the STM Link so special? Well..

The STM Link fits iPads and most other 10” tablets just fine, with a case or not. That’s not all though – it also has separate compartments to carry charging cords, wallets, notebooks or whatever you need! No need to worry about your plug scratching your iPad screen (something that strikes fear in the hearts of all techies!). As an extra precaution, my scratch fearing friends may like to know that the main compartment has been lined with soft nylex and high density foam to protect your tablet from knocks and bumps.

link-graphite-open-merched copyIt doesn’t stop there though; the STM Link is the one stop shop for all your bag needs. It has a soft front lined pocket for sunglasses or a smartphone, an organisation pocket for pens, keys, business cards, etc. The front lined pocket also has a magnetic closure, allowing for easy access to your keys or phone when needed. No fumbling around with zips and buttons when your phone rings!

Living in Britain and rain come hand in hand and no one wants their tablet to get water damaged, right? The STM Link has you covered there too – it has water-resistant 230D brushed poly main fabric with 640D reinforced bottom fabric so neither rain nor a drink spill will put your tablet in any danger.

The STM Link is what lightweight and will get you through a modern digital day – it’s all you need in a small, stylish bag. If like me and you think using a rucksack to carry around an iPad seems a bit overkill, you can grab one now for only £44.99!


More space than
Mary Poppins bag!

The STM Link is a great accessory for anyone that travels around and uses their iPad on a daily basis. The extra pockets prove to be useful - from photographers carrying round extra batteries/SD Cards to shoots to businessmen carrying business cards. The fact that it protects your iPad against drops and spills is an added bonus and make it worth buying!

  • Style
  • Price
  • Amount of Compartments
  • Value for Money

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