SteelSeries H Wireless Review: Possibly the ultimate gaming headset!


The SteelSeries H Wireless is the latest and greatest in the H Series. The iconic H Series colours return on the H Wireless with a matte black look and glossy finish on the sides of the ear cups. The hint of SteelSeries Orange in the inner ear cup and stitching is a great example of simplistic, beautiful design. It also comes with memory foam padding on the headband and ear cups, perfect for those long gaming sessions!

The H Wireless boasts some great features – of course, as you’ve probably guessed by now, it’s a fully wireless headset. It also comes packing a Dolby virtual 7.1 soundscape – where a lot of gaming headsets have Dolby headphone technology, the H Wireless packs three different Dolby technologies; Dolby Headphone, Dolby Digital and Dolby Pro Logic IIx. What does all this equate to? A phenomenal gaming experience. You put these headphones on and you’re lost in the game – it feels like the reality around you disappears and you are Arno Dorian, free running around Paris assassinating the bad guys.

Thanks to the incredible Dolby technology, you get an added edge to your gaming experience. You hear audio from every direction which enables you to hear the footsteps of your enemy sneaking up behind you and allows you to turn round and -BOOM- headshot them before they kill you. It’s amazing to use on Grand Theft Auto V as Rockstar have added hundreds of unique conversations that’ll keep the citizens of Los Santos talking for a long time to come. Where before you’d only pick up words here and there, you can now clearly hear some hilarious in game conversations! It really lets you appreciate your games and the level of detail that developers go to with in game audio.

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With such a focus on next gen consoles, you’d almost assume that the H Wireless would only be compatible with next gen consoles. Thankfully, that’s not the case! It works with Xbox, Playstation, PC, Mac, phones and tablets! As well as wirelessly on the PS4. Setting up the headset on my PS4 was a straightforward process – plug an optical wire into the PS4 & Audio Transmitter then plug a USB into the PS4. Then boom, you’re good to go! So much easier than with other multi platform headsets with lots of wires that always seem to get tangled as soon as you pick up the headset! Xbox One gamers will have to fork out for an additional adaptor to enable the chat feature on the headset – the adaptor isn’t expensive but still, something to keep in mind for potential Christmas presents!

With a Wireless headset, you’d almost expect lag – something that could potentially ruin your gaming experience. It’s like watching a dodgy DVD your mate brought round and finding the audio out of sync. No one likes that! Thankfully that’s not the case with the H Wireless as it continuously hops between frequencies, preemptively combatting any interference. Most other headsets wait for the interference to be detected before changing channels! Good thinking, Batman.

A wireless headset like this needs an audio transmitter for it to work – and boy, is the SteelSeries H Wireless transmitter a thing of beauty (if such a thing can be said about a transmitter anyway). The OLED Display on the transmitter displays all the information you need to know, such as headset battery life, volume, input, etc. It doesn’t stop there though, it has a few other tricks up its sleeve. It has ChatMix – a feature that allows you to control the audio level balance between gameplay and chat (both in game and party chat). If you want to make sure you can hear your friends over the explosions going on around you, just turn up the chat audio! Simple as that.

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It also features LiveMix – something slightly different. With LiveMix, the ChatMix is automated and turns chat up and gameplay down when a voice is heard in chat! Then turns up the gameplay once the chatter has finished. It also comes with a five band EQ for the audio whiz’s within us, but for those of us (me included) that don’t know a lot about EQ’s, it comes with a list of presets for all kind of situations including Performance, Music, Voice and Immersion.

If you need to change any settings while you’re playing, there’s no need to get up and go to the transmitter. The headset has on-earcup controls that you can use to change any of the commonly used settings right from your seat – the clear, bright OLED screen makes more sense now right? It means you can change the chat/game audio levels quickly, mid game – ideal for when you’re getting destroyed on Call of Duty and need to concentrate!

The headset comes with a microphone that retracts into the headset when not in use. When you want to mute your microphone, the tip of the microphone will glow red so you always know if you’re muted or not. It’s always a pretty handy feature to have, especially for those times where you’ve realised that you’ve been talking to no one for the past 15 minutes because your headset was muted!

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Another fairly simple but effective feature the H Wireless has are swappable batteries. The headset comes with two 20 hour lithium-ion batteries so while you’re using the headset with one battery, the other is charging in the transmitter. This means that once your headset dies, the other battery is already charged and ready to use! Nice and easy and gets rid of any need for charging cables.

With a list of features as long as your arm, the SteelSeries H Wireless might just be the ultimate in gaming headsets. I can’t find anything that they need to improve on, and that’s rare! It’s priced at £255 so it’s more expensive than your average headset, but this is far from an average headset. From the Dolby technology to the retracting microphone, every element of the headset has been thought out and the execution is near perfect.


A whole new level of gaming!

The SteelSeries H Wireless is an absolutely phenomenal headset, boasting a myriad of Dolby technology and intuitive features both on the headset and transmitter. The price tag is bigger than many other headsets but you get the quality that you're paying for and then some!

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