Sprng Clip Review: Gone are the days of EarPods falling out of your ears!


When Apple redesigned their earphones to bring us the EarPods, I was quite excited. The old iPhone headphones looked like a mint glued to string and sounded about as good – the new ones were so much more comfortable and they delivered a superior sound to anything else in its price range. As Apple said in its launch video, everyone’s ears are different shapes and sizes. They analysed thousands of ears (I bet that’s a fun job!) and found the best shape to use, et viola! EarPods.

What is the problem with EarPods? The smooth design means they just slide out of your ears – well, in my experience anyway when there’s any kind of resistance. I’m pretty sure that after years of shoving earphones in my ears that my ears are just differently shaped on the inside, but I digress. I can’t be the only one though as the Sprng Clip is on its way to the UK and I’ve got my hands on it to test one out.

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What is the Sprng Clip? It’s an accessory that clips onto your EarPods and securely holds them in place in your ears, using your ears. The tip of the Sprng Clip is extremely soft and flexible – once you’ve clipped them onto your EarPods, simply put them in and adjust the height of the clip so that it sits securely in your ears.  The makers of the Sprng Clip recommend spending a few minutes adjusting them when using them for the first time – I spent no more than 2/3 minutes adjusting them and now they fit perfectly every time I put them in.

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They come in 4 colours: Grey, Blue, Lime & Pink. They’re not designed just to help keep your EarPods in, but to be used as a fashion accessory too. The Canada-based company offers them for only $10 a pop and do ship internationally, but it’ll take up to 3 weeks to be delivered. Yikes. There is good news though; iLoveApple, a UK-based online iPhone accessory retailer exclusively stock the Sprng Clip for only £8.99 with free UK delivery. Don’t worry though, they do ship to Europe and it definitely won’t take 3 weeks! If you’ve got any questions about purchasing one, just contact them via Twitter or Facebook!

I think the Sprng Clip is an ingenious product. It means that you can buy these for only £8.99 instead of having to fork out for a different pair of earphones (which may have the same problem!). I’m especially a fan of the price too – these days, I find that even simple tech accessories have price tags of £20+ – it makes a change to be able to buy something with change that’s probably sat in your wallet/purse!

Sprng Clip

Pretty ingenious!

The Sprng Clip is an innovative little product that a lot of people do need. EarPods falling out of your ears when walking along the street? These inexpensive accessory is what you need!

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  • Price

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