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If you’re a Playstation 3 gamer, you’ve probably noticed the version 4.45 software update that was pushed to users on Tuesday night. If you ignored it – good. If you updated it, you may notice that your PlayStation 3 is now nothing more than a £150 paperweight.

The version 4.45 software update was originally pushed to give users the option to disable trophy notifications but instead has caused a “small number” of PS3’s XMB UI’s to disappear. Sony have stressed that it is only a small number of PS3’s that it affects but furious users have taken to the official Playstation forums to vent their frustrations.

The most frustrating thing about it is that no one is really sure as to why it’s happening – users on forums are saying it only affects users that have upgraded the hard drives on their systems but there are units that haven’t been upgraded that still have the same problem.

So, what do Sony have to say? They posted the following on Twitter:


They’re urging users to sit and wait for an official fix instead of trying to fix it themselves, especially  because if you do a System Restore on 4.45 it’ll corrupt your hard drive and loose all data. Yikes. Let’s just hope that Sony figure out the problem sooner rather than later, especially after their positive reception at E3 last week.


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