Sony ditching DualShock controller for the PS4?


Amongst all the rumours and hearsay in regards to features of the much anticipated Playstation 4, a new one has arisen with apparent weight behind it. Sony are said to be ditching their much loved DualShock controller with the PS4, instead opting for a completely redesigned controller that uses biometrics and touchscreen.

A combination of Dualshock and PS Vita?

A combination of Dualshock and PS Vita?

The rumour has come from games site Computer and Video Games, stating that a senior source from a development studio let the cat out of the bag. According to them, the new controller has gone through numerous designs, none of which are similar to any DualShock controller that Sony has used in the past.

A separate source told the site that the design team have been tasked with finding a control system that resembles that of the PS Vita – good news for fans of the Vita and it’s control system. From this, one can imagine that the controller would have a touchscreen panel on the front and touch panel on the back.

They also said that the PS4 will be announced within a matter of weeks and not months – long before E3 later on this year. With a lot of massive games due out this year such as the much anticipated Grand Theft Auto V, is it the right time for Sony to release the PS4? Or have big development companies already had the heads up and will have a compatible version for its release? Only time will tell. What do you think about a brand new controller system for the Playstation 4? Let us know in the comments below!


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