Sony announces event for “The Future of Playstation”


Sony's Future of Playstation Event

Sony have just announced an event for the future of Playstation – could this be the long anticipated Playstation 4, complete with touchscreen and biometrics controllers? Who knows, apart from the Japan based company.

The rumours for a Playstation 4 have been floating around for months now, and have even had reports of the released being announced “in a matter of weeks, not months” – there now seems to be weight in this claim.

It’s also interesting to note that Sony announced the PS Vita before E3 last year, so it wouldn’t be surprising for the company to announce their PS4 next month. They have a video to go along with the announcement, and it looks beautiful but it doesn’t give too much away. I’ve watched it more than once to see if there are any hidden easter eggs, but I couldn’t see any. Watch the video below, and if you notice anything in the video leave a comment!


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  1. The prominence of the X, Square, Triangle, Circle buttons seems to hint that it is something console based. It was always assumed that the PS4 would be released this year. Best to beat the E3 hype and get it announced as early as possible. then again Sony have a history of over hyping things and who would be surprised if this was a Playstation plus styled gimmick.

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