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A few years ago, I went to the Ideal Home Show in London and saw Virgin Medias “Home of the future” showcasing technology that’ll be readily available over the next 20 years. One feature was glass that, with a touch, would change from frosted to clear. A company called Sonte have created something very similar – a WiFi enabled digital shade in the form of a film that goes over your window. From there, you can use an iPhone/Android app to control the amount of transparency the window has. Amazing.

Compare and Contrast

It’s DIY too – just measure the shape of your window, cut out the film and stick it on the window. Once it’s been applied, you just need to connect the WiFi enabled transformer to turn on the power source. Simple enough, eh? If you thought the features ended there though, you’d be wrong. It also cuts UV rays which in turn keeps your room cooler and saves money on energy. In its non-transparent state, it can also be used as a projector screen – handy for any home or office.

It caused a massive stir at this years CES show unsurprisingly, and is on Kickstarter now for members of the public to back (and purchase a discounted Sonte digital shade) and have had over $88k of their $200k goal already. They predict that if all goes well, the backers will get their digital shades by October. Interested? Take a look at their Kickstarter page and pledge! Want to know more? Watch their Kickstarter video below!


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