SimCity 5 for Mac to be released June 11th


Now, I’ve been a fan of SimCity since SimCity 2000 – I used to play it when I was 8-9 (even though I had no real clue as to how to play it). SimCity 2000 was a brilliant game, letting your imagination run wild and create massive cities and then destroy them with a few clicks in the most creative ways (my favourite being tornadoes, it’s got a Wizard of Oz feel to it, fly Dorothy fly!).

Teasers for SimCity 5 have been around for a while and with a release date of early 2013, I like many got extremely excited for a game that’s been long anticipated with its updated graphics and generally better gameplay. It was then announced that it would only be released on PC in early 2013 and the Mac edition would come later on in the year. I know, heartbreaking right? But like any devoted SimCity fan with a Mac, I bootcamped my computer to run Windows so I could play it. Long winded I know, but it was so worth it – it’s an amazing game.

It’s been announced today though that SimCity 5 would arrive on Mac OS X on June 11th – Apple fanboys and girls rejoice! This is good news for all, but what if you bought it on PC via Origin? Well, you’re covered! If you’ve got the digital version of SimCity on PC, you’ll also have the Mac version when it’s released (and vice versa) and any cities that you create on the PC version of the game will also be available on the Mac version. Panic averted.

EA are also working on a version 2.0 of the game – what exactly this entails is anyones guess at the moment though. Are you a Mac user that really wants to play SimCity? Was there a need to delay the Mac version? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, or via Twitter or Facebook!


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