Faxes are a thing of the past with SignNow!


Just the other day, a customer at work came and asked if we had a fax machine. A fax machine? Who uses fax machines these days? Well we did have one but she needed to fax a signed document for a house.

I, too, know the pain and trouble to print, sign and scan a pile of documents. The paper wastage and confusion is intense, but when I received my iPad mini, I wanted to take full advantage of every app going.

SignNow is a free app, although a fuller version can be purchased for more frequent users of the app. It is the easiest thing to use and it basically lets you sign PDF and other documents and email them to the appropriate person.

When you receive the emailed document that needs to be signed, you simply go to open it as normal but choose to open it in SignNow. You can tap anywhere on the page and either sign it with the touch screen or add text, there’s even an ‘add date’ option so you don’t even need to check your calendar for the date! When you’re done you just choose the option to email it and it gets resent as a new PDF. I like to email myself a copy, just in case I have made a mistake I can double check it.

The app is designed for both iPad and iPhone, so if you are on the go and need to sign a document fast, you can on your phone, although I find it easier on an iPad as you have more room. This has to be one of my top practical apps, enjoy!


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