Samsung Transforms the London Skyline with Super AMOLED Midnight Rainbow


For one day only, Samsung is changing the London skyline through a rainbow installation built entirely out of 150 units of its latest tablet device, the Galaxy Tab S. Unveiled at midnight last night at Observation Point on London’s Southbank, Samsung’s Super AMOLED ‘Midnight Rainbow,’ which stands at 14 feet high by 26 feet wide, uses the screens of the Galaxy Tab S to showcase the colours of the rainbow in a way never seen before. To celebrate the installation, Samsung is also building a rainbow on its twitter timeline throughout the day and is inviting members of the public to retweet their favourite colour of the rainbow using the hashtag #MidnightRainbow to be in with of a chance of winning a Tab S for themselves.

The jewel in the crown of the Galaxy Tab S is its display, which comes courtesy of Samsung’s Super AMOLED screen technology and expresses more colours than your standard tablet with a contrast ratio that makes blacks darker and whites brighter. It means watching films or a favourite TV show is an entirely new experience because of the extra rich and crisp colours on the screen.

Samsung is showcasing the incredible sharpness and colour of the Galaxy Tab S screen by bringing a rainbow to Londoners, in all its Technicolour glory – marking the first time a rainbow has ever been seen in the depths of night. The rainbow, one of nature’s most beautiful creations, is an explosion of colour in the sky after the dark of a storm. But as a rainbow can only appear when there is light from the sun (or the moon) it is impossible to see one in all its vibrant colour – until the Samsung Midnight Rainbow.

Samsung Midnight Rainbow

Janet Best, colour management technologist and committee member of the Colour Group of Great Britain (CGGB) explains the phenomenon in the following way: “When white light is shone through a prism, the refracted light is broken down into its component parts of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet – the colours of the rainbow. When we see a rainbow, we are seeing the effect of raindrops acting together as millions of prisms. A rainbow of bright vibrant colours against the sky makes it impossible for anyone not to stop and look. We just love the colours as they lift our spirits – so imagine seeing them against the backdrop of a pitch black sky.”

“In much the same way that people can never fully appreciate the intense colours you get with a rainbow because they only see it when there is some kind of light either from the sun or the moon, likewise they also may not appreciate the difference that a great screen can make to the overall entertainment experience when they are watching a movie,” said Andy Griffiths, President of Samsung, UK & Ireland. “The fantastic screen of the Galaxy Tab S is one of its key features. It genuinely offers an unrivalled visual and entertainment experience, and we thought what better way to showcase this than to recreate something that is universally recognised for colour – a rainbow – using those very screens.”

Sadly, Samsung’s Midnight Rainbow only will be at Observation Point on London’s Southbank until 4pm today (20th August 2014). The Samsung Galaxy Tab S is available now in a number of versions, including Wi-Fi, or Wi-Fi and LTE, and in 16/32GB* + MicroSD (up to 128GB). You can also choose between the 10.5-inch and 8.4-inch versions, in Titanium Bronze or Dazzling White. The 8.4-inch Wi-Fi version is priced at £319.00, and the 10.5-inch Wi-Fi version is priced at £399.00


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