Samsung Galaxy S3 Users Get Jelly Bean Love


If you’ve got Samsung’s flagship phone, you’ve probably noticed the lack of Android’s 4.1 Operating System, nicknamed “Jelly Bean”. Well, I’ve got good news for you – it’s being rolled out, but there’s a catch; only on selected networks.

O2 and Three have both launched it via OTA update or using Kies software – so what are you waiting for?! Not on O2 or Three? No fear, as Vodafone will be rocketing Jellybean into the air on Monday. They have said that it is staggered though, and customers will be receiving it in batches over several days. If you don’t want to keep checking for the update, just wait for the notification to come through to your phone!

On T-Mobile or Orange (EE)? Bad news for you guys, as there are no announcement from either network regarding their Jelly Bean release.

You may ask what the big deal about Jelly Bean is? Well, my friends, the best feature of it, according to users of Jelly Bean already, is the addition of Google Now. Want to know more about Google Now? Just click here to head over to their website!


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