PSN users reporting unauthorised charges to their account


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Late last week a number of PSN users were reporting that Sony had requested that they reset their PSN password, the reason given was that “irregular activity” had been detected on the accounts in question. Now however it appears that a number of users are reporting that funds have been added to their accounts and used in purchases on the PSN – one user reported that no sooner had he noticed the funds added to his wallet, had someone purchased Fifa 14 content.

IGN theorises that the reason behind this fraudulent activity could be that the hackers could potentially designate their PS4 system as the account’s primary system – once the content is downloaded they could simply take the PS4 offline and use the games/ content without the PSN being able to authenticate the system. If this is the case, once the actual owner of the account reset’s their password they should be able to re-set their PS4 console as their primary system. I have reached out to Sony for comment on this issue and will update when I hear anything back.

It’s also worth noting that when I logged onto my PS4 on Friday 6th December, I was greeted with a message asking me to reset my password – I have not noticed any irregular purchases on my account as of yet.

Source: IGN


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