PS4 Has sold over 7 million, XB1 ships 5 million


Today Sony has announced that it has sold over 7 million Playstation 4 consoles worldwide, the figure represents units sold through which means that 7 million people have actually purchased the console from retailers. In a statement made today Andrew House, President and CEO of SCE praised the gaming community’s response to the new console as overwhelming, adding “we are truly humbled that gamers are selecting PS4 as their next generation console of choice”

Interestingly while Sony has been quite vocal with their sales numbers, Microsoft has remained rather quiet. When we were last updated, the Xbox One sales stood at 3 million units – no small feat to be sure, but many have been wondering how the console is selling compared to the PS4. Well we now know, as Microsoft too have revealed their most recent figures, the Xbox One has now shipped 5 million units to retailers. The most interesting fact is that the figure represents consoles shipped to retailers, not sold to consumers – Microsoft seem reluctant to reveal this number making me think that it is quite a bit lower.


So it looks like Sony is still in the lead with the PS4, in fact with these numbers it’s clear that the company has absolutely annihilated their sales target of selling 5 million consoles by March. However while fans on both sides will be quick to defend their console of choice, lets take a moment to celebrate the absolute success of the next generation of consoles, PS4 is the UKs fastest selling console of all time, and the Xbox One is actually outselling the Xbox 360 based on the amount of time they have been available – its also safe to say that collectively the next generation have sold over 10 million units – 10 million units after only being available for 4 months is staggering.

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