PS4 Firmware 1.70 Brings Awesome New Features


Sony has released the latest software version for it’s PS4 system. Firmware 1.70 is one of the meatiest and most satisfying updates so far, delivering on many of the promises Sony originally made with the PS4 when it was announced. The most exciting additions include the new video editing app ShareFactory and the ability to turn of HDCP as well as allowing you to export screenshots and videos to USB, allowing users to capture HD gameplay video through the HDMI output – Great news for YouTube-ers!

While disabling HDCP is great news and it will allow users to capture HD video gameplay a lot easier, the new ShareFactory now makes it even easier for people who want to make great video content but are put off by daunting video capture set ups that this entails. The ShareFactory allows you to stitch together video content that you have captured using the PS4 gameplay recording feature and make awesome videos before uploading to Facebook or even YouTube thanks to the new USB export feature. The ShareFactory boasts a rich and competent video editing suite, especially for free – once you have imported your videos you can add transitions, text overlays, music, audio commentaries or even picture in picture commentaries!

The release of firmware 1.70 brings a whole host of smaller tweaks to the system to make this one of the biggest updates so far – it seems Sony is willing to listen to consumer feedback and adapt the OS to suit their needs, this firmware also includes the ability to dim the Dualshock 4 light bar – something users have been asking since day 1, and the inclusion of USB exporting was also a heavily requested feature. For the full feature set please see below. Many thanks to the Playstation Blog for providing this information.

New in firmware 1.70

  • SHAREfactory app for customising gameplay videos
  • Automatic pre-download for pre-ordered games
  • Adds the option to disable HDCP
  • USB export for captured gameplay videos
  • 720p Twitch, Ustream streaming
  • Automatic archiving of Twitch and Ustream live streams
  • New share button options – change captured video length, save video clips and screenshots, view screenshots and videos from within the PS4 menu
  • Light bar brightness settings – choose between bright, medium and dim
  • Find friends more easily – view mutual friends and search for friends of friends
  • PayPal payment support in the PS store
  • Sort trophies by rarity
  • More PS Camer voice commands added
  • New PlayStation Plus icon added to the login screen
  • Music unlimited SHARE options added – share songs with friends by pressing the SHARE button

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