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You’ve got your brand new iPhone from the Apple Store. Great! What do you do next? Tweet Drake lyrics? Take selfies for Instagram? For most people, the first thing they will do is buy a case for their new toy. There’s nothing worse than dropping your iPhone and experiencing the gut wrenching feeling when you turn over your phone to see your display shattered (or scratched to hell).

There isn’t a shortage of cases available – you could go on eBay and grab one for little over £1 if you wanted! I’d advise against it though. Would you really trust a case that costs £1 to protect a device worth £500-700? Nah. Invest a bit more money in a case that’ll protect your phone and look good! TYLT brings a refreshing look to iPhone cases with a variety of designs and features available.

TYLT Pillo Case Collection

The Pillo (Retro) – $29.99
The Pillo (Retro version) cases are especially eye-catching. They’re embossed and textured to give you a 3D feel and to create depth in the case. It’s covered by a soft pillow-like texture but don’t let that fool you! Underneath it’s packing a solid, protective unibody for ultimate protection. It doesn’t stop there though – they also come with front labels and home buttons to tie the design in with the front of the device too. I love this idea, it’s quite popular with stickers but I’ve not seen any other case company offer the same thing.

TYLT Pillo Case

I love these cases. They’re unique and the 3D effect does look and feel amazing. It’s something different from the oversized Hello Kitty-esque cases I’ve seen people with recently. I’ll never understand people with such bulky cases for such a thin phone. Anyway, I digress.

Alin Screen Protector Kit – $24.99
Along with the Pillo, you’ll need a screen protector right? Most of us are useless at applying them (unless you’re an Apple Store genius) so TYLT ships Alin; an alignment tool along with  HD & Anti Glare screen protectors!


What makes Alin so special? Just attach the alignment tool to your phone, slide in the screen protector and it’ll be perfectly aligned. No more will your front facing camera be obstructed by a shoddy screen protector job! Here’s a top tip for application though; do it in a kitchen! There’s not much dust in the air which means less chance of something getting caught between the screen and protector, leaving those annoying little air pockets.

The screen protector itself is quite amazing. I saw the “HD” and wondered how exactly a screen protector could make my retina display iPhone any better. I’m still none the wiser but I’ve seen the results and I’m amazed. Everything seems more vivid and crisp and the HD & Anti Glare screen protector means that you won’t be shielding your iPhone so much in sunlight. Each pack comes with 3 HD Clear and 1 HD & Anti Glare screen protectors as well as the alignment tool and other tools to help correctly apply the screen protector.

TYLT Screen Protector Alignment Tool

It makes a pretty cool landscape iPhone holder too!

Of course there are thousands of cases available online so it’s always best to look around. I’m quite a fan of TYLT though! They may be a tad more expensive than alternatives online but you’re definitely paying for a quality product. You can grab the Alin for $24.99 here. As for the Pillo Retro cases, they’ll be in stock soon but you can keep an eye on their Product page here. Have you got a TYLT Product? If so, what do you think of it? Or have you got a favourite iPhone case that I should write about? Let me know in the comments!



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