PowerPack XL Review – Battery woes are no more!


Smartphones are changing every day. Bigger screens, faster processors, bigger memory but yet battery life has always been a problem with users. You have to decide whether you want the full Smartphone experience with a brightly lit screen and the ability to  games to your hearts content (or until your battery dies) or be more conservative with your brightness and usage to get you through the day. There are cases with built-in battery packs available, but what if you don’t want the extra bulk that comes with a battery pack phone case? Enter the PowerPack XL.

the PowerPack XL is available in black, white and more recently baby pink!

The PowerPack XL is perfect for everyone really. Personally it’s saved my life on long coach journeys where my iPhone would only last about 2 hours of constant use – not any more though. The PowerPack XL is packing a 4000 mAH battery, which in layman’s terms means that you can get 3-4 full charges of an average smartphone per 1 charge of the PowerPack XL. That feature is made even more impressive when you see the size of the device – it fits in the palm of your hand and is less than an inch thick!

How do you use it? Simple, get the supplied USB cable & add the tip that fits your smartphone (iPhone 5 and iPad mini fans don’t worry, there are lightning cable adapters on the way!) then simply plug it into the PowerPack XL. There are 2 USB slots, both with different uses. One (with 2 lightning bolts) is a fast charge – it does exactly what it says on the tin, it’ll charge your phone fast. iPhone 5 users will need to use this port as it doesn’t charge on the other port, which is an eco port. The eco port takes longer to charge your device but it’ll also mean the PowerPack XL will last longer in terms of how much battery power it has left.


the PowerPack XL fits into the palm of your hand!

To check how much power you have left, just push the button and see how many lights come on – each light represents 25% of its battery. How do you charge the PowerPack XL when it eventually runs out? Easy! Just use the USB Cable with the correct USB head and plug it into your computer (or mains if you have a mains plug with a USB input). With PowerPack XL though, it’s not all about the power. The packaging that it comes in is simple and they carry that logic through to their instruction manual which is designed like a comic strip. It’s definitely a welcome change because

a) who actually reads instruction manuals?
b) it’s easy to understand

Don’t believe me? See for yourself!

instructions sheet

The PowerPack XL has a premium feel about it – from the reflective writing on the pack to the packaging it comes in and the finish it has around the edges. For such a premium product, you’d expect a price tag to come with it right? Wrong. The PowerPack XL is available for only £39.99 from Gadget Hippo. We’re happy to announce that if you use the following promo code, you’ll get £1 off the product: ppxl747. How do you apply the code? Do the following:

1. Add item to basket.
2. Click on the My basket tab (to left of checkout button).
3. Click go to shopping basket.
4. Enter discount code in the Discount codes box.
5. Discount will be applied and then proceed to checkout.

I can’t stress over a blog post how much I love the PowerPack XL and how much use I’ll be getting out of it! I definitely recommend it to anyone with a smart phone or a tablet (and don’t forget the promo code for £1 off!) Don’t forget to follow PowerPack XL on Twitter and Like them on Facebook. What do you think of the PowerPack XL? Do you have one? Let me know in the comments below!


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