PanzerGlass will make your smartphone screen indestructible.. Maybe.


PanzerGlass, a Danish company have created an alternative to paying over the odds to replace your smartphone screen after a drunken night out. PanzerGlass is a special tempered glass screen protector that you apply to your phone, much like a normal screen protector. What’s the difference? This will make your screen virtually indestructible – according to the company, anyway.

I went to The Ideal Home Show at Christmas in Earls Court a few weeks ago. As I was wandering around, I heard a loud banging coming from one of the stalls in the tech section. I walk over and I can’t really believe what I’m seeing – there’s a man with a hammer hitting a Samsung Galaxy S4 as hard as he could. After about 10-15 seconds of abuse, the man stops and shows everyone that the screen (and phone) still works perfectly. It’s safe to say that I was amazed and saw a rush of people head towards them, money in hand.

I went home and researched the company – I found that they’d replicated the tests on YouTube. They did a similar hammer test on an iPhone 4 as well as a drop test onto a concrete floor – both tests were successful and the phone was intact and working!

I got my hands on one for my iPhone 5s with high hopes. I applied the screen protector with no problems using the supplied tools. Nice and simple. I did then notice something about the screen protector – it’s a bit thicker than others. Of course that’ll be the case as it needs to be bulky to absorb shock, it just takes a while of getting used to. That 0.4mm thickness does make a difference!

PanzerGlass for iPhone

This is where I’d love to show you a hammer/drop test on my iPhone 5s. I emailed the company requesting a guarantee of their product and if it failed, I’d ask that they repair my phone for me. They told me that even though the screen will most probably be intact, there may be damage to the internals of the device that may stop the phone from working – if it’s not one thing, it’s another! So that was the end of that I suppose.

A month later with hardly any drops, let alone any that could cause damage to the phone and the indestructible screen protector has chipped in the bottom right hand corner of my phone. It’s pretty sharp too!

So, is it worth the £20-30 price tag? It depends really. If you’re accident prone and find every phone you get smashed within a few months then it’s worth a try. It will definitely add a bit of extra protection to your phone – just don’t try to break it on purpose, it could be game over for your phone internals! You can grab one from the PanzerGlass website here.


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  1. Is it anti-fingerprint? And did you use it by any chance with a protective case? If so, did the case fit right with the Panzerglass on it. I want to use it with the Otterbox Commuter and I wonder if I can use it both.

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